These are the topics for meetings of the BBSHCG. The list will be updated after each meeting as required. 

Meeting 1 - 2nd February
• Basic computer concepts and terminology. Please take the online course at then we can concentrate on items that need further explanation
• Getting photos off a camera onto your computer
• Copying files to a pen drive or memory stick

Meeting 2 - 16th February
• Using Windows Live Mail
• Registering on the village web site and using the BBSHCG forum on the web site
• Using a scanner
• Printing photos

Meeting 3 - 2nd March
• Editing and touching up your photos
• Sending photos and documents by email
• Organising digital photos on the computer
• Getting the most out of Google
• Family history on the internet

Meeting 4 - 16th March
• On-line shopping

Meeting 5 - 30th March
• Setting up a web cam
• Using Skype

Meeting 6 - 20th April

• Buying and selling on Ebay

Topics for later meetings

1. Computer and internet security
2. Using MSWord
3. Creating address labels
4. Backup strategies
5. Setting up a web site


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