John Dunning recently showed me an article from the collected parish magazines for the East Riding dated October 1906 which included the following entry for Bishop Burton.

Mrs Watt took the children of the Upper School for a treat to Bridlington on Saturday, Sept 8th. Mrs Watt had also kindly asked the teachers of the different classes to help her during the day. Needless to say, the children enjoyed themselves immensely and were very grateful to Mrs Watt for the pleasure she had given them. The day was beautifully fine.

At the invitation of Mr Watt the men of the choir went to Scarborough on Tuesday, Sept 5th to see the Cricket Match between the North and South. Great interest was taken in the match and a very pleasant day was spent.

After about 40 years the Mere has again been cleaned out. Upwards of 2,000 cartloads of black mud have been removed, which lay in some places to the depth of 5 feet. The expense of the undertaking is shared by the farmers who sent carts and horses and the Parish Council who provided the fillers. Everybody is glad to see this black mass of mud removed which lay in the very centre of the village and a menace to the health of man and beast. The only class of people who are not likely to benefit by this improvement are the doctors who have seldom been out of the village these years past.

The Vicar will be very glad to receive subscriptions towards the repair of the North wall of the Churchyard. £11 is needed.

The magazine had been kept by his brother Jim. Mr and Mrs Watt were the Lord and Lady of the Manor of Bishop Burton and were the occupants of High Hall, now the site of Bishop Burton College; the vicar was the Rev Pearman. 

Some things change; some things stay the same...


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