Autumn, the "season of mist and mellow fruitfulness", is wonderful, fresh, colourful and yet filled with the down turns in spirit as dark nights, cold weather and bare trees begin to dominate. It's time of change that leads ultimately to renewal but only through the unavoidable drudge of winter. The change is full of good things, beautiful days, snow, Christmas and many others, but we are dulled and slowed down and revert to our natural desire to hibernate.

All this rings true of where we are as a Church. There are many changes ahead, but at the moment it is filled with uncertainties about how many vicars there will be, how certain congregations will survive and how we can generate enthusiasm to grow our churches.

I love the hope that the description that I started with suggests. It is gentle, but sees the positive and that is what I would suggest. There is something so good about Bishop Burton, the community, the willingness of people to get stuck in and get involved and the great creativity, bring on the pantomime. We have so much that is good in our worship, traditional, more modern family based every fourth Sunday and a lovely building to meet in.

I hope it is there that we can find hope and positive messages that change our view of life in what are quite trying times. However, there are challenges. My Church at Cherry Burton has ceiling problems, and the Church Building is closed until they are fixed. This leads to difficulties for big services and could lead to gloom, but it also opens opportunities. Hence we are having some joint services held here in Bishop Burton. The first is the Remembrance Day Service on November 8th at 10am. We hope that many will come from the village and from Cherry Burton to this important service and that the Church will be heaving for what is a great and important chance to say thank you and to look again at the lessons we need to learn from such tragedy. Then we will have a Carol Service together, the date will follow but will possibly be the Sunday evening before Christmas.

It will be a joy to celebrate with a full church and I do hope that many will join us.

This has not been and will not be the easiest of times as we make transitions in to new forms of ministry but I want to be part of a bright new future for the Church in Bishop Burton. Please come and join us. Families come on the 4th Sundays at 11am and have fun learning about God whatever your age. Everybody come and join the remembering and celebrating of important events in our Calendar. Come and see that Church is a wonderful place full of "mist and mellow fruitfulness" but with the certainty of new life and new hope just ahead.

If you need help, a visit, a natter or to find out about Church, please ring me on 01964 503036.

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