8th Nov: 10.00am Service of Remembrance - Please note earlier time
Rev'd Martyn Westby
Cleaning: Mrs A Danforth

15th Nov: 11.00am Joint Service with Methodists at All Saints
Cleaning Mrs H Hayward

22nd Nov: 11.00am Family Service
Rev'd Martyn Westby
Mrs A Francis

29th Nov: 11.00am Morning Worship
Cleaning Mrs S Pickering

6th Dec: 6.30pm Evensong. Sidesman: Mr G Swann
Frank Davis
Cleaning: Mrs H M Swann

13th Dec: 11.00am Morning Worship. Sidesman: Mr J S Dunning
Ruth Newton
Cleaning: Mrs M Wray

20th Dec: 11.00am Joint Service with Methodists at the Chapel.
Unless United Carol Service them 6.00pm at the Chapel

24th Dec: 11.30pm Midnight Communion
Cleaning Mrs S Thomas

27th Dec: T.B.A.
Cleaning Mrs A Danforth


3rd Jan: 6.30pm Evensong. Sidesman: Mr W Byass
Cleaning: Mrs H Hayward


25th Oct & 1st Nov: - Mrs M Dunning & Mrs S Waddingham
8th & 15th Nov: - Mrs A Francis
22nd Nov: - Spare
No flowers in Advent.
Christmas flowers. 25th Dec & 3rd Jan: Mrs J Oxtoby

Please note that the Christmas Services will be printed on to a separate sheet to be distributed before the Christmas period.


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