This article is the first of a series that covers the history of the aerodrome at Beverley that existed during World War 1 and lay partially within the parish of Bishop Burton. The women of Bishop Burton also supported the YMCA kitchen that met the needs of the airmen. These women and the seventeen airmen were killed in flying accidents at the aerodrome and they are commemorated in a mural plaque in All Saints' Church, Bishop Burton. Future articles, published to coincide with the Bishop Burton Newsletter, will tell the stories of these airmen and provide more background information about the aerodrome.

John Dunning recalls that Beverley was awarded a tank as a result of its fund-raising efforts during World War 1 and mentioned in the article. The tank was situated on the small triangle of ground where Central Avenue joins Queensgate near Admiral Walker House. It was taken away with all the house railings during World War 2 to be melted down for the manufacture of new armaments.