Hopefully you all saw the amazing scaffolding structure on the North side of the Church ?

If you didn’t you missed a treat ! The roof repair works are all complete now –with only repairs to the damaged high level lead windows on the North Aisle to finish.

Well ---it was proof positive that the great roof repairs were seriously underway – the old fractured lead has been removed; the large extremely heavy original Welsh slate tiles have been taken off the roof and stored ready for re-tiling; all the rotten wood work forming the roof gutters has been removed. Last month work began in earnest on the renewal of the roof – new wooden bases for the gutters and hoppers; new lead lining all round, secured by copper nails, and all slate tiles removed back to the contractors yard for cleaning, reshaping and replacing where necessary.

All in all a skilled and intricate piece of building work carried out by a combination of English lead and slate workers and Polish joiners (no plumbers required yet ) !!

The Church Architect has been spotted on site on a couple of fleeting moments; but more interestingly a former Church Warden and long standing supporter of and attendee at the Church was spotted climbing up the TWO long flights of ladders( all in accordance with ‘Elf and Safety legislation ) up to the Church roof to inspect for himself – that’s dedication and guts!! Luckily he reported that a first class job was underway .

The total project was complete within the budgeted time and within the budgeted cost – furthermore sufficient saving was made to allow us to repair the damaged high level windows above the North Aisle—not part of the original specification.

At the same time painstaking and tricky work has been undertaken and completed in the Bell Tower. There has been created a more useful and user friendly area with accessible flower basins, a general domestic basin with HOT and cold water plus kitchen units all of which should be useful for social functions in the Church .Also a new timer controlled flood light has been erected on a tree in the North part of the Churchyard so that we can floodlight the Church at special times (if you fancy flood lighting the Church to remember an anniversary etc give me a ring £25 for an evening from sundown to midnight –it will all help the Fabric Fund. ) .These Bell Tower improvements were partially funded by a single generous donation for which we are most grateful.

A very BIG THANK YOU to all who have been involved in the origination, contribution to, building and supervision of, these works to YOUR Church !

The next round of Fund raising (now that the roof is watertight), WILL BE FOR THE INTERIOR PAINTING OF THE Church ,which suffered considerably during the damp years; cost approx £2000 - any ideas ?

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