On a bright, balmy evening early in July 2009, a small group of villagers and visitors were treated to a special tour of All Saints Church in Bishop Burton. John Dunning of Cold Harbour Farm had kindly offered to lead us round the church and introduce us to its main architectural and historical points of interest.

We started in the church tower and all of us managed to clamber up the steps to the first floor where we were able to see the workings of the village clock, the manual mechanisms for striking the bell, and the graffiti that had accumulated over many years.

A few of us then ventured to the next level where the bells are to be found and then on to the roof. I managed to drop my camera 20 feet from off the ladder, so I am very grateful to Gordon Stephenson for sharing his photographs with us.

The tour of the church has stimulated John Dunning and me to write up the detail of the tour and add some photographs to it. This should appear on the web site pretty soon.



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