As we move towards Easter we enter the season of Lent. It is a period of realigning ourselves with God; a time to reflect on what needs to change. In religious terms it is a time to repent which means to turn back.


It seems that we are in times where, like it or not, most of us are having to examine our lifestyles, and reflect upon our priorities. This can be a very positive thing. The Bible says God will shake things up so that that which can be shaken will be removed so that that which cannot is what remains.


It may be uncomfortable but resetting our priorities can be most healthy.


For Christians putting Christ back at the Centre of our lives and seeking his will is the most essential thing we can do. He said, “Seek first my kingdom, and way of living, and all the other things that you need shall fall into place!”


The Church of England is facing the same challenge. As we are experiencing it cannot provide the same level or style of ministry. It no longer has the resources. This does not need to mean that things die, but that we have a chance to let God reset our agenda.


It will not be a comfortable shake up, but if we seek what Jesus’ wants we may have something left that cannot be shaken.


This is an uncomfortable time for me as a minister having to look at what I do, and how I do it. That may not lead to something that fits what I do now, or what people expect, but long term will be far more fruitful.


Jesus does have the answers as individuals, a community and a church let us once more, or for the first time look to him to guide us in to the future, and I know that we will find a way that is far more fruitful and lasting.


God bless,

Martyn (Rev Westby)


PS. My remit is now to be Priest in Charge (Vicar) of Cherry Burton, Chaplain (All day Tuesday and Wednesday) to Bishop Burton College, and Priest in Charge (with at the moment unofficial responsibility for Bishop Burton). Watch this space for what else, or how this will work. It is, as I said, uncomfortable but exciting trying to work out how this works in practice. Please bear with me as I work this out with God’s guidance.

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