Which? Gardening magazine conducts research on garden plants and products to inform gardeners about what is and isn’t worth a place in their gardens. Over the past few years we have taken part in several plant trials here at Bishop Burton College and this year an Eremurus variety trial is underway.


Eremurus, or Foxtail Lilies, are perennials found in dry grassland and semi-desert in Western and Central Asia. They are grown for their stately spires produced in summer which are densely covered with little flowers that are usually pink, white or yellow. The basal leaves die back to the conical crown after flowering, before completely dying down in winter to a fleshy, octopus-shaped root.


The Eremurus roots were planted out last autumn and we had a cold winter which they need to induce flowering. There are eighteen different varieties in the trial and although not every root has emerged we do have some of each variety. I’m really hoping for a good summer with lots of sunshine and less wind and rain.


If anybody is interested in coming along to see the trial, it is held in the Walled Garden and is open weekdays during the College opening hours. Please call in to the Reception Desk first and pick up a Visitors Pass. For those of you at work or busy during the week we will be opening the garden twice this summer.



The Walled Garden is to be open to the public on Sundays 28th June and 30th August, from 11am – 4pm with last entry at 3.15pm. The event will be organised by “The Friends of Bishop Burton College” and there will be plants for sale. Admission is £3.50 per person and included in this fee is tea/coffee/squash and biscuits. Children under 16 are free.



Last year we actually had very nice weather for the open days and we had a very pleasant and enjoyable time. I hope we get some nice weather again and maybe I will see some of you there this time.


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