As a lot of you have contributed over the last few years to the various fund-raising efforts for the Church roof repairs, I thought that (as I have recently been asked to head up the sub-committee on implementing the repairs) I would give you a progress report.

  • the buliding facility granted in 2007 by the York diocese has been extended to November 2009, so we need to get on with it;
  • the church architects have confirmed that the contract, plans and specification agreed with and before the previous Vicar left are still valid;
  • the lowest contract tenderer for the work in 2007 has confirmed that he will hold his price at 2007 levels so long as we proceed during this May.

Great News for the Village Church - on 27th May the scaffolding has been erected and work has begun on repairing the leaky roof; thanks to your generous contributions, work is now firmly underway. Subject to weather conditions, we anticipate the work being completed by July.

Our next project is the internal decoration of the church! There will still be the need for more fund raising for the Fabric fund during the year so please look out for more exciting events particularly another fabulous Quintessentials concert in the Autumn.
Trevor Thomas , Chair of Fabric sub-committee.

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