Sad news to report. My great-uncle Jake has died. He'd not been well for some time with a bad back and couldn't stand properly especially on slippery floors. He was really old - almost 14 - but was still quite perky and still liked to walk his favourite spot, Burton Bushes. He was very kind to me considering what an annoying girl I can be but I did try very hard not to jump all over him when I was excited.

I was carted off to my cousin Zack when the vet came. I've also not been very well. I think it was because I ate most of a rabbit that I caught in a wood in Notttingham. That's real work for you! I had to go to see the emergency vet on Sunday and he put me on a course of antibiotics. Zack's dad wraps the tablets in a lump of cheese which is great but doesn't he know I'd eat it anyway?  I heard him talking on the phone to my TLSD who did a lot of groaning and wailing about the vet's fees so I think I'd better keep out of his way when he comes to pick me up. I'm sure he'll forget all about the fees when I show how happy I am to see him and my TLM.

Bye for now.



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