I went with my two-legged mum and step-dad to Kirkby Lonsdale last week. We stayed in the Sun Inn and that's a very dog friendly pub because I was allowed in their room and in the bar. Unfortunately they only serve water to dogs not beer. I had my first introduction to stairs at the Inn; I was alright going up but my TLSD had to carry me downstairs. I just couldn't get the hang of them. I'd always wondered what was upstairs since I'm not allowed up there at home. But it wasn't worth the effort so I won't bother any more.

The best part of our trip was the Ingleton Falls Walk which I can thoroughly recommend. We went on that with Paddy and Ben, friends from Worcester. They're a pair of mongrels but they're a bit serious and boring and I can't bully them like I do Zack.

My TLSD and his friend went off to chase a ball around some fields with some sticks. They wouldn't take me with them. I think I must be too good at that game for them and they didn't want me showing them up.

I now have a crate which I can travel in when I'm in my TLSD's car. I can also stay in there when I need to have a rest. Not bad, I suppose; at least I don't get the blame if a piece of plastic falls off the car.

Well. That's all for now, folks. Byee.



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