The farm blog has a guest editor this week. I am Tilly a five year old lellow labrador. I am a working dog unlike some others in the village.

This time of year I have to be very busy supervising the work of the tractors on the farm. This weekend we have been drilling peas. The pea seed was delivered to Cold Harbour in a big lorry with a driver who needs a good barking at. It comes in large white plastic bags which are about a metre square at the bottom. These are unloaded by the fork lift and taken as needed to the fields.

We prepare the soil for the pea drilling so that it is soft and even and then we are told when to drill each field. I have to go and sniff around to check that all the pigeons have gone away. I like to do this as often as possible.

Edward and Nathan have been busy putting fertiliser on the fields. They told me that it it goes on at a rate of between 180 and 220 kg of nitrogen per hectare.

My other routine jobs incude chasing the farm cats, barking at Ron( who saves his special biscuits for working dogs), barking at students, barking at passing non working dogs and horses and looking appealing at builders to try and get some of their lunch.Graham the decorator is especially attentive to the needs of working dogs.


#1 Oh no not another dog blogMolly Jones 2009-05-04 11:52
Not a bad blog, Tilly, for a newby. I\'m sure you\'ll get better the more you do. I\'m supposed to be a working dog too but I don\'t do a stroke if I can help it. It doesn\'t sound as if you get much done either, Tilley, with all that barking you have to do. My Cousin Zack is a show dog, but I\'m still better looking than him. See you around. Mols.

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