I've been away a few days on a mini-break at my cousin's place. His name is Zack; he is also a black labrador. He's six months older than me and twice as big. But I beat him up if he doesn't stay in line - well, actually, I beat him up whatever. My favourite wheeze is to sit at the top of the steps that lead up from the patio at the back of his house to their lawn. Each time he tries to climb the steps, I block him with a bit of a head-butt and he has to go back down the steps to start again. I almost wet myself laughing; he was so pathetic. Mind you, he almost did too because he couldn't get to where he likes to cock his leg up. Eventually he had to scramble up the rockery.

Zack is a good swimmer and likes to go far from the bank. My uncle says that's the only time he gets any peace from me.

I'm off to the Yorkshire dales soon, so I'll let you know how I get on.




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