Wow! Dad's has been showing me how to use the computer and he's let me be the first dog in the village to blog on the web site. Eat your heart out, Dora and Tilley! Now I can tell you all about my exciting life with my uncle Jake and my cousin Zack and my aunt Cally.

Today, I went to the Westwood with my two-legged mum called Sandy. We were there for ages and I had a great time searching for banana skins left behind by those men with lots of sticks in a bag. Some of them try to be clever and hide the skins in trees and behind signs, but I can smell them at such a distance. My mum tells me off when I find one and commands me not to eat it; I just pretend not to hear and wolf it down before going back to her. I make out I'm sorry (not like our pack leader, Gordon) but I'm not really. Anyway, I hope the stick-men keep hiding banana skins for me to find; I'll help them by hiding their balls if I find any. Then they can have such fun looking for them.

I'm a girl. My two-legged mum shouts at me and calls me a naughty girl and if I'm really naughty, she calls me a bad girl. Then she tells my two-legged dad to sort "your daughter out". But he just grunts and says "she's no daughter of mine". Does that mean my two-legged mum has been naughty? Anyway, I'll call him my two-legged step-dad from now on.

The naughtiest thing I did today was to steal a plant out of the pond. I wasn't really interested in the plant; it was the pot I was after because it makes a lovely cracking sound noise when I throw it in the air and bite it. My T-LM told me off, and put it back into the pond; but when she couldn't see me, I did it again to show how smart I am. I don't really mind if she shouts at me as long as I still get my tea.

Well it's taken me a long time to type this out as my paws are a bit big for the keyboard. I'm now up to 5 woofs per minute. I'll talk to you later when I've run about some more.

Bye for now!



#1 What a laugh...Rebecca Dinsdale 2010-04-01 21:26
Hi Molly

I\'ve just been reading your blogs to your boisterous friend Ollie Chester, the chocolate brown labrador at Granary Cottage, Mill Lane. We have laughed and laughed and laughed (& barked) at them all. They are sooooooo funny and should be published in a Gervase Phinn stylee book!!

Thanks for cheering us all up on a cold spring evening!! Please ask your TLSD to help you paw some more....

Rebecca, Jason & Ollie at Granary Cottage.

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