Transcribed by: Alison Gibson


The school head was Benjamin Swann

The teachers were: Mrs Jeanette Swann and Miss Mary A Brumfield


In 1898, Queen Victoria had been queen for 61 years and the Marquess of Salisbury was prime minister for the third and last time. The Spanish American war was fought and ended; during it the USA took possession of Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Marie and Pierre Curie discover and isolate radium. The Pepsi-Cola brand name is established. The Dreyfus affair rocks the French establishment and leads to the imprisonment of Emil Zola the famous novelist.




Date of entry

Log entry

Editorial notes



Average 64. Edwin Jackson and Charles Duck withdrawn after passing through all the standards. Arranging Standards for 1898 during the week. Conduct, work and tidiness of scholars all satisfactory.




Examined the registers and found them correct.

                                                                           E R B Hall Watt

Ernest Richard Bradley Hall Watt = Lord of the manor of Bishop Burton until his death in a motor accident in France in 1908. Sometime school manager



Average 64. Received the Drawing Report ‘'Good''. Mr Hall Watt heard the singing and saw the children drill on Monday. Visited the school again on Thursday with the Revd. W A Pearman. Meeting of the school managers in the schoolhouse on the 13th inst. Auditing the accounts and verifying the returns for 1897. The P.T Mary A Brumfield obtained the same drawing certificate (2 Class Freehand) as last year, and failed in Model.



P T = Pupil Teacher



Average 64. The attendance on Thursday was 67, on Friday 53. The fox hounds met on the Green in the morning! The week's work, tidiness and conduct of the scholars as usual.




Admitted Selina Ellerington a 4 year old. Mrs Hall Watt kindly presented a framed print of Her Most Gracious Majesty Queen Victoria to the school. The Master and children beg to thank her for her gift. Miss Cayley visited and spent some time with the needlework class. The average for the week is good, 66 out of 71. Work, conduct and tidiness of children all satisfactory.

Miss Cayley = The youngest sister of Julia Eyre/Hall Watt nee Cayley



The following Summary of H.M Inspectors Report has been received by the school managers.

         ‘'Excellent order is observed, and the children look clean and tidy. The instruction of the Infants and the Girls needlework are as before the strongest points. Class subjects especially Geography should have more attention and better illustration of Object Lessons is desirable. The desks might with advantage be gradually replaced by modern ones. The playground requires gravel."

Benjamin Swann Certified Teacher 1st Class

Jeanette J Swann Certified teacher 1st Class

Mary A Brumfield Pupil teacher 3rd year (passed fairly 2nd year)

                                                                 E R B Hall Watt


Xxxxxx = record unreadable



Average for the week 66. Three girls sick the whole week - Lucy Hornsey, Hilda Farmery and Mary Berridge. Conduct, work and tidiness of scholars satisfactory. The P.T gave her criticism lesson on ‘'Salt'' on Friday afternoon from prepared notes very satisfactorily.




The Managers have received the following communication from the Education Department respecting the Aid Grant made to this school for the current years:viz ‘'Aid Grant of the sum of £11.7s.4d for the purpose of increasing the pay of pupil teacher and providing closet for books, and desks'' and my Lords will require to be satisfied that it has been so expended.

                                                                       E R B Hall Watt




Average for the week 66. On Tuesday evening a Magic Lantern lecture on Waifs and Strays was given, and on Thursday evening a concert took place in the schoolroom. For both events the room had to be prepared. In preparing the room for the two balls which are to take place on Monday and Tuesday xxxx will require special preparations. Mr Hall Watt visited the school on Wednesday afternoon. The work and behaviour have been satisfactory from this week.

Magic Lantern started by Jabez Tunnicliffe and Ann Jane Carlile in 1847 has been encouraging children and youths to avoid drug related harm and make drug free choices. They also go under the name of Band of Hope.Band of Hope


xxxxxx = record unreadable



Average for the three days 67. The school was closed on Monday and Tuesday in consequence of dances in the schoolroom on those nights. On Friday night the schoolroom was used for a third dance during the school week. The work during the three days has been fairly satisfactory, also conduct fair. The walls and ceiling were swept down preparatory to the dances.




Average 66. E R Hall Watt at the school on Wednesday afternoon. Boys cautioned against throwing stones at telegraph wires and insulators by request of the Education Depart. Holiday given by the managers on Shrove Tuesday afternoon when 28 children went to sing at a wedding in the church. Conduct and work satisfactory.




Average 65. E R Hall Watt at the school on Wednesday morning. He agreed to have the schoolyard gravelled and another bookcase similar to the one used in the library. Mrs Hall Watt at the school on Thursday afternoon arranging about the girls needlework and boys drawing for the prizes in connection with the Rose Show.




Average 62. E R Hall Watt Esq brought the Revd Lee to see an East Riding School at work. Mr Lee is the vicar of the parish including Mr Watts Carr Head Estate. Mrs Hall Watt at the school on Wednesday afternoon and Mr Craggy the School Attendance Officer on Thursday afternoon. A few children are sick and others absent on account of sickness at their respective homes this week.

Carr Head Estate = another Estate owned by the Hall Watts in Cowling just outside Bradford. It came to the family via Mary Amelia Wainman, the daughter of a Bradford merchant, who married ERB Hall Watt's father. It was sold in 1924.



Received notice of Scripture Examination. Admitted 2 infant boys of the xxxxxx. There are 4 children sick this week. New plants for the school windows. Gravel ordered for the playgrounds. Bookcase ordered for school use. Material for girls' annual needlework kindly provided by Mrs Hall Watt. Conduct, work and tidiness of scholars satisfactory.

Xxxxx = record unreadable



Average for the week 66. Three or four boys at work this week. Admitted Kate Lily Hayton an infant of 4 years. The percentage of attendance for the past month as supplied to the Attendance Officer was 89. Work, conduct and tidiness satisfactory.




Average for the week 62. Owing to a parents' death several children absent during the week. Mr Anstead visited the school on Thursday afternoon the 31st inst. Miss Cayley at the school on Monday afternoon. Conduct, work and tidiness of scholars satisfactory.

Walter Hy. Anstead H.M. Inspector of Schools Westwood Road.



Average for the week 64. The Revd. R J Barry examined in Religious Knowledge on the 5th inst. The Vicar visited for a short time. Holiday in the afternoon at the request of the Inspector and the Vicar. No school on Good Friday. The children were specially nice, neat and clean on the occasion of Rev Barry's visit.

  • 1) Special Results Examination xxxxxxx subject

Received the following report of Religious Instruction

Inspected Thursday 5th April 1898

No. present total 65.

Knowledge of:-


Old Test.                               Div I  VG     Div II  E      Div III  E

New Test.                                       E                  VG              G

Catechism                                      VG               VG

Prayer Book                                   VG

Repetition of scripture                    E                  E                 E

Hymn Collects                                E                  E                 E

Catechism                                      VG               VG               VG

Abstracts or from Memory              G                 G


  • 2) General Report

‘The discipline and the behaviour at the opening prayers were admirable. Planning and work has been accomplished and should be profitable for the children. The Repetition has again been made a strong point; it was suitable, reverend and accurate.'

                                                  (signed) Ernest  Hall Watt


Rev Ernest Joseph Barry = Diocesan Inspector of schools and curate of Routh, Newbiggin






Xxxxx = record unreadable



Holiday on Easter Monday. Average for the week 62. A few children are absent owing to sickness at their homes, and three boys at work. Conduct, work and tidiness of scholars satisfactory.




Average 64. Admitted Jessie McLachlan an infant of 5. There are children absent who ought to be at school especially Kate Hayton this being her third week of Nursing. Dr Bailey wrote a certificate stating that Lily Girdley ‘'could not attend school with her bad eye''. Conduct, work and tidiness of scholars satisfactory.

Xxxxxx = record unreadable



Average 64. Pupil Teacher's instruction for the summer months from 7.45am to 8.50am commenced on the 20th April. The attendance remark of last week applies to this week. Conduct, tidiness and work of scholars satisfactory. Admitted Edith Anne Curtis an infant of 4.




Admitted Alfd. Smart an infant of 5 years. Average for the week 66. Phoebe Waslin absent on account of her father's death - ‘'killed by a falling tree''. Theresa Collingwood absent the whole week - ‘'mother cleaning''. Elsie Walker only present on Thursday. Kate Hayton has been absent 34 times within the month!! The boys at work still are; J Wilson, Robt. Hall and Fred Waslin.




Average for the week 66. Fred Waslin returned from work but Geo. Hayton has gone to work for Mr Harrison. George is not qualified either by age or attainment for work. Polly Hayton a Stan I girl absent the whole week. Her sister Kate was mentioned in last weeks' remarks. Conduct, work and tidiness all satisfactory.

This is probably the Mr Harrison who was the farmer at Low Balk



Average 64. Two more girls absent for ‘Spring Cleaning' making a total of 6. The same boys absent as last week. The new ‘Book Cases' placed in the school on 17th inst. This with the 8 tons of gravel for the playgrounds has been purchased with the ‘'Special Aid Grant''. Conduct, tidiness and diligence of scholars satisfactory.




Average 65. Two more girls absent making a total of 8. The boys alluded to last week are also absent. The boys and girl who attend church on Sundays went to church from 9 to 10 this am and last week to practise for Sunday with Miss Shaw of Walkington, at the request of the Vicar. Work, conduct and tidiness of scholars satisfactory.




Whitsuntide Holidays

One week




Average for the week 63. The attendance is again unsatisfactory notwithstanding the weeks' holiday. Harriet Thompson and Theresa Collingwood have attended better this week, than for several weeks past. Form for ‘'Aid Grant'' filled up for the Association.  Conduct, work and tidiness of scholars satisfactory.




Average for the week 65, an improvement on last week. The same children as before mentioned went to church on Wednesday morning from 9 to 10 o'clock. Walkington and Etton Club Feast on Wednesday and Friday caused a few absentees.




Average for the week 64. The children belonging to the Wesleyan Sunday School were absent on Monday afternoon at their annual treat. Other children also absent for other reasons - Hayton's Kate and Polly oftenest. Conduct, work and tidiness of children satisfactory.




Examined the Register and found them correct.

                                                                                                E R B Hall Watt




Average for the week 61. Mrs Hall Watt arranged for the School Treat on Friday but finding the day had been fixed for the Baptist Sunday School Treat postponed it. Mrs Hall Watt was present for the singing lesson on Wednesday afternoon. There were only 35 present on Friday afternoon, just one half of the children absent. Conduct, work and tidiness of children satisfactory.




Average for the week 59. Measles have broken out in Haytons and Hudsons families. Mrs and Mrs Hall Watt at school on Wednesday morning. The Vicar at school on Thursday morning requiring the school seats in the afternoon for the ‘'Vicarage Sale of Work''. There was no school in the afternoon. No holiday was fixed, therefore the required notice was omitted.

Measles = highly infectious viral disease that mainly affect children. Before the use of vaccinations the affects of this disease could lead to blindness / deafness and at worse death.



Average 56. The attendance most unsatisfactory - no sickness and very few working. The two cases of measles mentioned in last weeks' entry were only slight as Richard Hudson was at school on Monday, and Harriet Hayton the other child alluded to is alright, although not at school. Conduct, work and tidiness all satisfactory.

Richard Hudson is one of those commemorated on the war memorial in the village. He died of influenza in France right at the end of World War 1 in November 1918. His brother also died in World War 1.



Average 57. The attendance this week has suffered from sickness:- 3 Haytons, 2 Girdleys and 2 Hudsons are absent on that account. The children in Stan II to VI were singing at Miss Shaw's wedding on Thursday afternoon and 6 infants strewing flowers. Mr Craggy the Attendance Officer was at the school on Friday afternoon, but as sickness was prevalent he could not notify irregular attendance.

The wedding referred to was between Alice Maud Shaw daughter of John Shaw, and William Ernest Allison of Hull. The wedding took place at All Saints' Church, Bishop Burton.



The attendance has fallen to 52 on account of sickness and many of the elder children working. Coughs are prevalent also amongst the scholars in attendance. Mr Watt requested the school to be closed if the necessity had arisen, but the Master thought the outbreak was not serious enough to warrant present closing.




The average attendance down to 35. On Monday only 22 children assembled but some were at Hornsea Regatta.

On Tuesday         37  morning  38  afternoon

on  Wednesday    40  morning  39  afternoon

on Thursday         37  morning  35  afternoon

on Friday              25  morning  26  afternoon

If the attendance is not better next week, the school ought to be closed for a fortnight on account of the outbreak of ‘'Measles''.

The Hornsea sailing regatta still takes place today on the Mere. It was running in 1885 for sure as there is a trophy of that year that was sold at auction in 1996.



Closed for Measles

(one week )




Average for the week 34. The attendance on Monday was 29 - on Friday 33. Dr Stephenson's representative (Dr Christopherson) was over on Tuesday the 16th making enquiries about the measles, but made no recommendation about closing the school as there have been no fresh cases. Mr Craggy found 37 present out of a total of 73, but could not take action because of the prevailing sickness.




Harvest Holidays

(5 weeks)




Average for the week 57. The attendance on Monday morning was 48 and on Friday afternoon 54. The P.T took the Needlework this week because of Mrs Swann's illness. Admitted Lily Holmes an infant of 5 years. The names of James and Lily Patterson taken off the Class Register. They have left the village and at present are in Scotland. Gertrude Brown's name also taken off. She has gone to live with her parents in Beverley. John Wilson has left to go to work, also Lucy Hornsea and Theresa Collingwood. Phoebe Waslin (now orphan) gone to live with her brother in Cottingham.

Phoebe Waslin was born in 1888, the daughter of Robert and Hannah Waslin. She came back to live in the village by the time of the 1901 census and she and her older sister Agnes lived with their brother in law, John Farmery and his wife (their sister), Eliza. Phoebe married Walter Henry Harper in Harpham in 1908. Phoebe's mother had died in 1893 at the age of 57; Robert died in 1898 aged about 54 (see May 6th 1898 entry).


The Patterson's father, James, was a gamekeeper, probably on the estate. Like his parents, James was born in Scotland in about 1885. Lily (actually Lilian) was born in Bishop Burton as was her younger sister Eliza. In the 1901 census they are living at Melville Cottage in Goathland on the moors to the north of Pickering.




Average for the week 53. The elder girls have had their needlework instruction in the schoolroom this week, the P.T taking the remainder for the reason given last week. There are still some children who have not attended since the opening after the holidays. Conduct and tidiness satisfactory. The lessons are not satisfactory.




Average for the week 55. Mr Craggy the Attendance Officer at the school on Tuesday the 11th. He took the names of two or three of the worst attenders intimating he would send their parents notices. Five of the elder girls were at the church on Wednesday assisting the decorators for the Harvest Festival. Conduct, tidiness and work of the children satisfactory.




Examined the registers and found them correct.

                                                                                                    E.R.B Hall Watt




Average for the week 58. Visitors during the week Mr Watt on Monday, Mrs Watt on Friday. The weather on Tuesday prevented all from a distance attending on that day. Mr A Barnet presented some honey to the school museum. Notice sent to H.I of Schools of the closing on Monday on account of the Annual Lumber Sale. Conduct, work and tidiness of children satisfactory.

The donor may have been Arthur Barnett. In the 1901 census he was a widower living with his daughter at North End Farm. He was the Herd for the farm.



Average for the week 61. No school on Monday on account of the Annual Lumber Sale held in the schoolroom on that day. The attendance is now satisfactory. Fires in the schoolroom and classroom on Tuesday, some of the desks and seats being wet.

Lumber Sale = probably thought to be an early Jumble Sale



Average for the week 60. No school on Thursday the 3rd inst. A telegram was sent to R Stevelly Esq, because it was not known until about 10 o'clock on Wednesday night, that the school children were to have a tea, following the Congregational tea. Visitors Mr Watt, once, Mrs Hall Watt twice, the Vicar and the Rev Lee during this week. Conduct, work and tidiness of children satisfactory.

R S Stevelly = H.M Inspector of Schools New Walk


Rev Lee =  visiting Vicar of the Carr Head Estate




                                                                                                       R S Stevelly




Average for the week 57. Three cases of sickness viz. Geo Hayton, Albert Curtis and Ruth Hayton. Received notice of P.T Scripture Examination for Dec 3rd. Commenced fires on the 6th for the winter season. Conduct, work and tidiness of scholars satisfactory. Mrs Pearman and family present during Friday afternoons singing lesson.




Weeks average 59. A Hawes, A Curtis, G Hayton and Ruth Hayton are the sick ones for the week. Kate Hayton whose parents has notice from the Attendance Officer less than a month ago, has been absent 8 times out of the 10 attendances for the week - ‘'minding Mark''. Conduct, work and tidiness of children satisfactory.




Average for the week 60. Mrs Hall Watt, Mr Watt and Mrs Pearman visitors during the week all being present at the singing lessons. Not many absent for ‘Martinmas' this week. Some of the elder boys ‘bush beating' on Thursday. Work and lessons satisfactory. One boy had to be sent home to be washed, after repeated cautions. He had to be sent for in the afternoon. He did not return in the morning (A.E Ha)

Martinmas was one of the quarter days which were used to divide the year. It originates in a Christian feast observed in commemoration of the death and burial of Saint Martin of Tours. Martinmas was usually observed on November 11. This day was important in the agricultural calendar as it was the day from which agricultural and other workers were hired for 12 months at a time and also the date on which rents and other payments fell due.



Average for the week 60. Several visitors during the week. On Thursday afternoon there were 7 present during the singing. No school on Friday on account of the children's concert in the evening. Conduct, work and attendance all satisfactory. The shooting days did not make much difference in the attendance this week.


The Managers have received the following communication from the Education Department respecting the Aid Grant made to this school for the current year :- viz Nov 30th 1898, ‘'Aid Grant of £14.0.0 for the purpose of maintaining increased salaries (£2) improving equipment (£6) and effecting repairs (£6) thereto and My Lords will require to be satisfied that it has been so expended.




Average for the week 60. The Platform from the Friday evening concert remained until after a repetition of the concert on Monday evening. The children acquitted themselves very creditably and were deservedly praised for the part they took in singing, drilling and reciting. Conduct, lessons and appearance of scholars satisfactory.

Page 259 is duplicated as page 261. Page 260 is blank.



Education Department Form 17A (P) Result of Pupil Teacher's Examination Mary Brumfield 3 year passed ‘'Fairly'' (no remarks upon examination).




Average for the week 63. Mrs Hall Watt at school on Monday. Messrs Duck and Downs inspected the boundary walls of the school premises for the purpose of an estimate for repairing and pointing them. Some portion of the Aid Grant for this year being for that work. Work, conduct and tidiness of scholars satisfactory.




Examined the registers and found them correct.

                                                                                                    E R B Hall Watt




Average for the week 65. On two occasions during this week, only one scholar was absent - Ruth Hayton sick - Mrs Hall Watt kindly announced to the children on Wednesday her intention of providing a Christmas Tree on the day after Christmas Day. Mothers were invited. E R Hall Wattt Esq at school on Friday. Five new desks were ordered from Messrs Browns. The cost to be defrayed by the Aid Grants made for that purpose.

Left off for:

Christmas Holidays

one week from Dec 26th to Jany 2nd 1899


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