There is a very useful little booklet produced by the EYFHS that transcribes every gravestone and memorial in All Saints' Church and the church yard. There were, however, three inscriptions that they missed. Not surprisingly, perhaps, since they are hidden under the altar table against the front wall of the church. The tablets or memorial tombstones were probably moved there from the chancel during the restoration of the church. I've attached John Dunning's full transcription of the three stones but one is worthy of more direct presentation. It is a testimony to Richard Watt's wife, Sarah Watt nee Greenup, who died in 1788 at the age of 24. The author may be Richard (RW II 1751-1803) himself but it is more likely to be Richard's uncle (RW I 1724-1798). The inscription reads:



Download this file (Stones under the table v2.JPG)Stones under the table v2.JPG[ ]219 kB

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