Transcribed by: Bryn Jones

The school head was Mrs Jeanette Swann

The teachers were: Miss B A Johnson

In 1903, King Edward VII was on the throne and Arthur Balfour was the Conservative prime minister. The Wright Brothers completed the first powered flight. Cuba leased Guantanamo Bay to the United States “in perpetuity”. Beatrix Potter published the Tale of Squirrel Nutkin. Maurice Garin won the first Tour de France cycle race. The first set of Crayola crayons were produced and sold.



Date of entry

Log entry

Editorial notes



Average for the week 62. Three children sick – two under the doctor. Five 1st class boys after the foxhounds on Friday afternoon. The Infants’ desks arrived during the vacation, but three were broken during transit and had to be returned. Lessons have gone on satisfactorily and nearly all have come clean and tidy, and behaved properly.




The annual meeting of School Managers to verify returns for Form IX, and audit the accounts for school year ending 31st December 1902. The Revd W A Pearman proposed and H R Peasey  seconded that “Mr Swann should be a School Manager”, which proposition was agreed to by E R Hall Watt Esq. The meeting was adjourned for a week, awaiting more applications for the post of Assistant Mistress.




Average for the week 61. The cold weather has kept a few little ones from the school this week, the infant class making 148 attendances this week and 171 last. The older scholars have made a % of 90. ER Hall Watt Esq. visited the school on Thursday morn. Conduct, work and tidiness of all satisfactory.




At the Manager’s Meeting held in the Schoolhouse on the 19th inst. Miss Beatrice Alice Johnson (late PT in the Beverley Minster Moorgate Infant School) was appointed Assistant in the Bp. Burton Mixed School at the salary of £40 per annum her duties to commence on January 26th. Managers present: E R Hall Watt Esq., Chairman, The Revd W A Pearman, H R Pease Esq., and Mr Swann.

Miss Johnson was born in Beverley in 1885, the daughter of Thomas and Christiana Johnson nee Anfield; Thomas was a house builder living in Well Lane where Beatrice also lived according to the 1901 census. Miss Johnson ended her employment at the school in 1912 but she died in December 1914.


In 2007 £40 would have been worth £3,080 based on the increase in the RPI and £16,500 based on the change in average earnings since then.



Average for the week 61. E R Hall Watt Esq visited the school on Tuesday morning. On Thursday afternoon kindly handed the 4 children who had secured the attendance przes offered for Stand. IV to VII 3s 9d each to be placed to their credit in the P O Savings bank. The names of the children with attendances ought to be recorded and are:


Lily Girdley 408 times

Mary Berridge 406 “ “

Arthur Clubley 406 “ “

Mabel Clubley 404 “ “

The Post Office Savings Bank was established in 1861 to encourage ‘the working classes in provident habits’. 3/9 was about 18 pence in decimal currency, and would have been worth over £14.40 in 2007 based on change in the RPI.



Beatrice Allen Johnson commenced her duties in this school as Assistant Article 68.

This is the last entry in the log written in the hand of Benjamin Swann.



Average for the week 60. Several children have been away because of Influenza. Two or three boys in the first class, one especially, Cornelius Hawes, have been rather troublesome this week, and have come ten minutes late for afternoon school. Stands III, IV, and V have learnt new arithmetic rules.

This is the first entry in the log written by Mrs Jeanette Swann as head of the school.



Examined the Registers and found them correct


E R B Hall Watt




Average for the week 63. The attendance has been more satisfactory, those absent mostly suffering from influenza. On Thursday afternoon the school was dismissed at 3.30 to allow time for a dance at night. The conduct of the boys has been much better, and the work satisfactory, except arithmetic in upper classes.




Average for the week 63. Heard Miss Johnson give Object Lesson on Tuesday afternoon to Stds. I,II and III on “Cotton”, and II & III wrote composition on it next morning – their first attempt. Girls are getting on well with their year’s knitting. Mrs Hall Watt came to school this morning and arranged about needlework for the year.


School dismissed at 4 p.m. on Thursday to prepare for an entertainment at night.




Average for the week 62. Conduct and work of upper classes has been more satisfactory. Standards V and VI girls have cut out their garments for the year this year week. The school was closed on Thursday to prepare for the Farmers’ Dance at night. Mrs Hall Watt visited the school this morning.




Average for the week 67. Three children have been away all week suffering from influenza. There was a holiday n Shrove Tuesday afternoon. Stand. IV girls have cut out their garments this week. The upper division have learnt the song “The harp that once”. Miss Johnson is teaching the lower division “The jolly little clacker”.

The Harp that once is the short title of a song by Thomas Moore (1779-1852). The first four lines read:


The harp that once through Tara's halls
The soul of music shed,
Now hangs as mute on Tara's walls
As if that soul were fled.


Moore was an Irish barrister and poet. Tara is the mysterious hilltop site in Co. Meath that was once home to the Irish high kings. The piece was written while Ireland was under English rule, and Moore's Tara symbolises the seat of Irish government and the rule of Ireland. The harp, Ireland's traditional instrument, symbolises Irish culture and spirit. I wonder if Mrs Swann knew this. We haven’t found the “jolly little clacker”.



The following summary of the Inspector’s report and remarks for the year ending Dec 31st 1902 has been received:-


“in many respects thi is a model Village school. The children evince interest in their work, and are kindly and skilfully trained. The order is excellent, and the neat and cheerful surroundings are very pleasing. Useful improvements, all tending to add to the comfort of the teachers and taught, continue to be made in the equipment and appearance of the rooms. If the infants’ classroom were larger it would be more serviceable. The girls’ needlework is of exceptional merit.”


Jeanette J Swann, Certificated Teacher 1st class

Beatrice A Johnson, Assistant Art. 68


E.R.B. Hall Watt, Correspondent





Average for the week 66. The attendance of one or two children has been unsatisfactory and one boy has been at work all the week. Mrs Hall Watt visited the school on Wednesday morning and Mr Hall Watt in the afternoon. Both contributed towards the boys’ cricket club. The girls in upper classes have cut our St. I & II garments and have begun their own. The conduct and work of the children has been satisfactory.




Average for the week 65. The attendance has been much more satisfactory this week until today when it has dropped to 49 owing to the Meet of Foxhounds. St. VII girls have almost finished their cutting out. The conduct and work has been satisfactory.




Average for the week 68 out of 73 on register. All the girls have started their garments for the year this week. Had to point out to Miss Johnson that the reading matter had not to be got up but reading taught. Three or four lessons had been s[pent on one lesson in the book in St. I and Sixes class. Writing in upper classes has not been satisfactory.




Average for the week 67. Martha Hayton and John Collingwood have been absent all the week at work, and John Waslin 9 times out of 10. Spent some time with St. I in Arithmetic lessons – urged the use of the ball-frame instead of strokes on the board, and concret numbers in mental arithmetic.

The ball-frame was similar to an abacus.


A concrete number is one associated with, or applied to, a particular object, as three men, five days, etc., as distinguished from an abstract number, or one used without reference to a particular object.



Average for the week 67. Polly Hayton has been absent 8 times and John Waslin 5 times out of 10. Have held the Quarterly Examinations this week, but have not finished all subjects in the lower classes. Results have on the whole been fairly satisfactory. The habitual bad attenders have done badly all through.




Average for the week 66. John Waslin and Arthur Thompson have made one attendance between them out of 8. They are all engaged in work. Have continued the examinations in lower classes. Three subjects remain in St I,II, and III.


No school on Good Friday and there will be a holiday also on Easter Monday and Tuesday.




Average for the week 67. Two boys are still engaged in work. On Wednesday afternoon twenty of the elder boys and girls left the school for three quarters of an hour to sing at the wedding of an old scholar in the Church. Work and behaviour of the children has been satisfactory.




Average for the week 71. Admitted four children at farms near. Attendance has been very good except on Thursday afternoon when many of the elder girls were absent being confirmed. Had to punish Arthur Thompson for insubordination. Stds. II,IV,V and VI have learnt new Arithmetic rules this week.




Average for the week 71 John Waslin and Polly Hayton are again the most unsatisfactory attenders. One infant Annie Hudson has gone to stay in Derbyshire indefinitely. Work and behaviour has been fairly satisfactory except the Arithmetic of five St VI boys who work very badly.




Average for the week 71. Wet weather has interfered with the attendance of children living at a distance. Elder classes have had newspaper reading twice this week – accounts of preparation for the Royal Visit to Hull and of former Royal Visits. Work and behaviour has been satisfactory.




The Rev W. A Pearman granted the children a holiday in honour of the visit of the Prince and Princess of Wales to Hull.

The Prince and Princess of Wales came to open Victoria Square, unveil the Queen's statue and lay the foundation stone of the City Hall. The visit was hosted by Sir Alfred Gelder who had been knighted earlier in the year.




Average for the week 70. Several boy have been away planting potatoes. Have re-arranged home-lessons in the lower standards and had better results. Work and order fairly satisfactory.




Ins (?)


Fr Harvey




Average for the week 70. John Collingwood has been absent seven times at work. Two children are away with bad eyes. The attendance officer visited the school on Tuesday and took Polly Hayton’s name to report.




Average for the week 71. Three boys have been absent at work all week. Stands. IV and V have learnt new rules in Arithmetic. Had to complain of several boys coming with dirty hands in the afternoon. Work and conduct fairly satisfactory. Closed school half an hour earlier this afternoon and broke up for the


Whitsuntide Holiday




Average for the week 70. Three boys at work all week and two away through illness. On Thursday afternoon took Stand. IV and upwards for an outdoors Object Lesson on Wild Flower Tress and Grasses. Children collected 48 different flowers, 8 kinds of grasses, and 9 trees. Wrote names in their notebooks.




Average for the week 71. Ernest Hudson and John Waslin have been at work all the week, and Herbert Waslin ill as the result of an accident while at work. Have begin composition in St I and the first attempts are encouraging. Had to speak to Miss Johnson for being late in changing the lessons. Taught the elder scholars the song “Tis the last rose of summer”

A romantic and rather melancholy song by Thomas Moore (1779-1852).  The first verse reads:


'Tis the last rose of summer,
Left blooming all alone,
All her lovely companions
Are faded and gone.
No flower of her kindred,
No rose bud is nigh,
To reflect back her blushes,
Or give sigh for sigh.



Average for the week 72. Ernest Hudson and Herbert Waslin are still absent. Stands. VI, IV and III have learnt new rules in Arithmetic. St V do their sums very badly in spite of repeated working on black-board. Some infant girls have been their knitting for the Rose Show.




Average for the week 72. Bad attendance on Thursday owing to a club-feast in a neighbouring village. Have begun the Quarterly Examinations throughout the school. Holiday on Friday afternoon for the “Summer Treat” kindly given to the children by Mrs Hall Watt.




Average for the week 74. The school was visited on Tuesday afternoon by an Inspector from the East Riding Education Authority who commented on the nice appearance of the schoolroom and the good order. E R Hall Watt Esq. visited the school on Monday and looked over some of the work. Have had the Quarterly Exam this week and finished all but four subjects in the lower standards.




Average for the week only 68 out of 80 on register. Three have been away ill, and five boys have been at work. Have finished the Quarterly Exam throughout the school and found it satisfactory on the whole, except Arithmetic in one or two standards, and Reading of Sixes. Some of the elder girls have had extra time for Needlework this week. The Sixes class have begun their new reading books and the Infants and St. I have begun writing and drawing on paper.




Examined the Registers and found them correct


Julia Hall Watt




Average for the week 71. The attendance of the older scholars has been better this week. Two wet days caused a falling off among the younger ones. Mr Craggy visited the school on Wednesday and took the names of John and Polly Hayton who are very unsatisfactory attenders and Arthur and James Thompson who are frequently absent at work. Have been obliged to deviate from the Time-table somewhat this week in order that the Writing, Drawing and Needlework might be finished for the Rose Show next week. Stds V, VI and VII have written composition on “A Planet and its Parts”.




Average for the week 62. Very poor attendance on Monday because of the Baptist Trip, and not good all the week. Mr Hall Watt visited the school on Tuesday and Mrs Hall Watt this morning. Holiday on Wednesday afternoon for judging the children’s show work, and on Thursday for the “Rose Show”.




Punished Ward Poole for insubordination and disobedience.

It’s never made explicitly clear whether corporal punishment was used in the school. We suspect it was and this may be one such incident since it merits an entry in its own right. Ward would have been about 12 years old.



Average for the week 65. Several boys at work, and other children absent because of trips to the sea-side. Examined the Infants and St I during the week and found the results satisfactory except the Reading and Arithmetic of the Sixes.




Average for the week 66 out of 79 on the register. Several boys have been at work and two of three children are ill. Taught Stands. VI and IV new Arithmetic rules. Infants and St I have begun freehand drawing in books.




Average for the week 68. Very unsatisfactory attendance made by some of the elder children. Several new Arithmetic rules taught this week. Composition is improving in lower standards, but writing wants care. Conduct of children fairly satisfactory.




Average for the week 63 Mr J T Bamforth the newly appointed attendance officer visited the school on Wednesday. Work and conduct of the children fairly satisfactory.




Break up today for the


Harvest Holidays ( 5 weeks )




Average for the week 67 out of 73 on register – fairly satisfactory for first week after holidays. Four of the eldest scholars have left, having attained their 14th birthday. Mrs Hall Watt visited the school on Thursday afternoon. Work has fallen off considerably, conduct fairly satisfactory.




L T Munro Esq., H.M.I. visited the school in the morning.




Average for the week 69. Twice this week we have had all present. On Thursday afternoon 11 were absent because of a show at Beverley. Work and conduct have been fairly satisfactory.




Average for the week 70 out of 73 on register. Had to find serious fault two or three times with boys for late attendance. Mrs Hall Watt visited the school on Wednesday morning and rewarded the girls for the needlework done for the Rose Show. Had a play-time of half-an-hour this morning because of the meet of the fox-hounds.




Average for the week 71. Have taken Stds. V and VI specially in Arithmetic this week as several children are backward. Taught the elder scholars a new song “The Whistling Farmer Boy” Have begun the Quarterly examination in the lower cases.




Average for the week 69. Have continued the Quarterly examination through out the school this week. Had a half-holiday on Tuesday afternoon the school being needed for the Church Congregational Tea and again on the Wednesday afternoon for the Children’s Tea. 18 children absent this afternoon because of the Beverley Servings (??).




Average for the week 71.8. The Attendance Officer visited the school on Wednesday afternoon. Have finished the Quarterly examination this week with satisfactory results on the whole. Commenced fires in school Nov 9th.




Average for the week 71. Wet weather caused the absence of several children during the week. Stds V and VI have had special lesions in Proportion and St IV in Reduction. Conduct and work have been satisfactory and tidiness in afternoons been improved.




Average for the week 70 which is very good for Martinmas week. St V girls have learnt cutting out their pattern and Stds IV and VI patching. The Attendance Officer visited the school yesterday. Conduct has been fairly satisfactory and work shows painstaking care on the whole.




Average for the week 68 lowered by bad weather and some illness among the younger children. Mrs Hall Watt visited the school on Wednesday afternoon. St V girls brought stockings to darn this week. Upper classes have learnt a new song “A Laughing Chorus”.



This is probably the anonymous poem, the first verse of which is:


‘Oh, such a commotion under the ground

  When March called, “Ho, there! ho!”

Such spreading of rootlets far and wide,

  Such whispering to and fro;

And, “Are you ready?” the Snowdrop asked,

  “’Tis time to start, you know.”

“Almost, my dear,” the Scilla replied;

  “I’ll follow as soon as you go.”

Then, “Ha! ha! ha!” a chorus came

  Of laughter soft and low,

From the millions of flowers under the ground—

  Yes – millions - beginning to grow.’




Check the registers for this morning’s attendance and found them correct.


Benjn. Swann




Average for the week 70. Attendance officer visited the school on Tuesday morning. Left early on Thursday afternoon because of the Hockey Club Ball in the school room at night. Conduct and work of most children satisfactory.




Average for the week 69. Eight boys were absent on Wednesday employed in planting. On Thursday every child was present. Work and conduct of children satisfactory. Have complained of dirty books several times.




Broke up for Christmas Holidays.