Monumental inscriptions are to be found in the church and graveyard of All Saints’ Church, Bishop Burton. The transcription was performed originally by members of the East Yorkshire Family History Society in 1985. The contents may not be used for other than personal research and may not be reproduced or published without their explicit permission. Copyright remains with the society whose web site is

The entries here follow the original format except that the practice of using a forward slash to indicate the end of a line of text has been replaced by the use of carriage returns to show more clearly the original layout.

The transcriptions include where available cross-references to the Parish Burial registers. The original referencing system has been retained and the original plan is displayed below. The transcriptions cover the graveyard for the period up to 1985. A transcription of later graves and the interior of the church is available separately. 

Graveyard inscriptions

Where the inscription on a grave has been added to the original then this is now included and cross-references to the burial register have also been made for burials after 1900 since they were omitted from the original transcription.

The entries are also labelled with a prefix M and leading zeroes to facilitate searching and to tie in more easily with other records; so, for example, an original record number 2 becomes M002 and 15 becomes M015.

The original plan locating the inscriptions within the church and graveyard is shown in the transcriptions but the stones may have been moved or may now be covered up. This particularly applies to graves which are in the northern part of the graveyard or are nearer to the church.  

Church interior inscriptions

The inscriptions inside the church were identified by a letter. The transcriptions also include names on other items of furniture including the ends of pews. 


If you notice any mistakes please let me know on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   Photos for some of the inscriptions are also available.


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