We made a sad decision in 2008 to sell our dairy herd of about 160 black and white Holstein cows. This was due to a number of factors such as a low milk price, too many boy calves being born and an ageing milking parlour.

However, we kept all our calves, bought some some fluffy black and white beef heifers and are now looking after a neighbour's calves so there is still plenty of mooing going on at Cold Harbour.

While some of the cows were still out in one of our dales we noticed one day that they had been joined by a visitor, a brown beef steer which must have jumped into the field as all the fences were intact. It turns out that this cow had been living wild in Houghton Woods having jumped out of his yard near Market Weighton. It has lived happily among our cattle and has now quietened down a bit so we will try and get him home soon.

Dog walkers on the Cold Harbour Road will still have plenty of beautiful cows to look at during this coming year.

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