kiss For village hall bookings and tickets, please contact Jan Biden on 01964 552364 or Margaret Hebb 01964 551315 kiss We now have a mailing list for Village Hall events. To be added to the list please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


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The Bishop Burton Village Hall is now open for business and, under government guidelines, all groups can now return. To date a number have started and, as you will see in the magazine, a number of others are due to start. The activities that have resumed include: Indoor Bowls, Table tennis, Tai Chi

New rules have been put in place for all hirers and users which need to be followed to keep the hall COVID-19 secure. These are displayed throughout the hall, and, if you are the hirer, will be sent to you when you make a booking. If you have any queries just ask. Note: Numbers in the hall are currently a maximum of 30 – however, this may change with time. The maximum will be that extant at the time of the event. So if you have an event with more people you are free to make a provisional booking being aware of the fact that it can only go ahead if, at the time of the event, it is permitted under government guidelines. Any queries please give Margaret (551315) or Jan (552364) a call.

If you wish to book the hall please ring Jan on 01964 552364.

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