Transcribed by: Alison Gibson

The school head was Benjamin Swann

The teachers were: Mrs Jeanette Jane Swann and Mary A Brumfield

In 1897, Queen Victoria had been queen for 60 years and the Marquess of Salisbury was prime minister for the third and last time. Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula went on sale in London. The Klondike gold rush began. Oscar Wilde was released from Reading Gaol.




Date of entry

Log entry

Editorial notes



The School was to have re-opened on the 4th Jany 1897, but on account of another outbreak of sickness the re-opening was deferred till the 10th inst. When only 47 children were present. This number was reduced to 43 on Friday. The xxxxxxxxxx again absent on account of Measles. Conduct, work and appearance of scholars satisfactory.

inst = the current month, short for instant


xxxxxxxxx = indecipherable



Average for the week 53. Mrs Hall Watt at the school on Wednesday afternoon during the singing and drill lessons. Mary A Brumfield passed the 2nd class in Freehand Drawing. The sickness of the Jacksons and others continues. Conduct, lessons and appearance of scholars satisfactory.




Average for the week 55. Mary A Brumfield passed 2nd class in 1st year’s scriptures examination. Mr Stevelly wrote for form 9, and was informed in reply that Dr Walker’s medical certificate had not been received. The family (3 girls) Hayton’s have been the greatest number of times absent this week. Conduct, work and tidiness of all satisfactory.

R.S. Stevelly H.M Inspector of Schools New Walk




Average for the week 58. Jacksons have the Measles yet. Mr Stevelly again wrote for form 9 and the Master took it down to Beverley on receipt of Mr Stevelly’s application but had not received Dr Walker’s Medical Certificate to file therewith. Harriette Botherill has attended very irregulary this year, only twice present this week. Conduct, work and tidiness of children satisfactory.

Measles = highly infectious viral disease that mainly affect children. Before the use of vaccinations the affects of this disease could lead to blindness / deafness and at worse death.



Examined the Registers and found them correct.


February 8th E.R.B Hall Watt

Mr and Mrs Hall Watt = Lord of the manor of Bishop Burton until his death in a motor accident in France in 1908. Sometime school manager, and his wife.



Average for the week 61. The school was closed on Wednesday to prepare the schoolroom for the Farmers’ Ball the same night. Everything was in its proper place the following morning by the time for school opening. Jackson’s are at school again only Halls are absent with sickness. Conduct, work and tidiness all satisfactory.





Average for the week 59. The schoolroom was required for the tradesmens’ dance on Tuesday night so there was no school in the afternoon in consequence. Everything was cleared away the following morning in time for the opening of the school. Every time the desks are moved into the playground either the desks or the school walls suffer. Several little ones absent on Friday afternoon attending Robert Hayton’s funeral, the poor little fellow who was accidentally scalded to death on Monday afternoon.

The following summary of H.M Inspector Report has been received by the school managers.

            ‘Considering the circumstances of the year the condition of the school is creditable. The girls Needlework and the instruction of the infants are very praiseworthy, and the discipline as usual is particularly good. Some knowledge of the class subject is shown, and beginning has been made in teaching singing by note.’


E.R.B Hall Watt

Benjn. Swann, Certified Teacher 1st Class

Mary A Brumfield P.T. 2nd Year

J.J Swann, Certified Teacher 1st Class

P.T. = pupil teacher



Inspection 1


Fr. Harvey

Mr F Harvey = Her Majesty’s Inspector



Average for the week 58. Two more cases of Diphtheria: Wm. And Tim Berridge. Another death last Saturday morning from the epidemic making the third in the family of Chas. Hall. Mr Hall Watt and Mr Pearman at the school on Tuesday morning. The farm labourers and plough lads are to have their dance in the schoolroom on Friday night.

Diphtheria = an acute, highly contagious bacterial infection of the throat and other mucus membranes and the skin causing difficulty in breathing and swallowing. Bacteria release toxins into the blood, which damages the heart and nerves

Mr Pearman = Vicar of the parish of Bishop Burton from 1888 to 1923. He would have been a member of the school board.



Average for the week 57. The absent ones Shaws, Berridges, Haytons and Halls are either sick or have sickness in their homes. Mrs Hall Watt arranged the Needlework specimens or garments for the year, which are also for exhibition at the Bp Burton Industrial Show. Conduct, work and tidiness of children satisfactory. Mrs Hall Watt gave the scholars ‘ Shrove Tuesday afternoon holiday.




Average for the week 57. No fresh cases of sickness, the absent ones mostly at home where sickness is prevalent. Edith Hayton’s name taken off the Class Register because of her work at the schoolhouse. Work, conduct and tidiness all satisfactory.




Average for the week 59. Admitted Hilda Farmery an infant of 4 years. Shaws four children absent on account of sickness in the family. The late epidemic frightens parents who keep their children from school for the least symptom of sickness. Conduct, work and tidiness of children satisfactory.




Examined the Registers and found them correct.


E.R.B Hall Watt




Average for the week 65 – the best this year. The only two not present at all were John Shaw and Alice Hall, the latter being with friends at Tickton. Mrs Hall Watt inspected the needlework on Monday and Mr Hall Watt spent nearly an hour on Wednesday in the classroom and the schoolroom. New plants kindly sent by Mrs Hall Watt for the windows on Friday morning.




The good attendance of last week fully maintained this week. Harold Thompson commenced ‘tenting’. Mary E Berridge an infant of 4 years admitted. A new register stove was put in the schoolhouse sitting room and a new oven and range in the kitchen on Tuesday. If the cost cannot be obtained from Gee’s Charity, E R Hall Watt Esq has kindly undertaken to defray the cost.

Gee’s Charity is a charity based on Bishop Burton. It was established with £100 in 1714 from the will of Elizabeth Gee. It assists the costs of educating children of the parish. It’s income is primarily derived from the rent of 11 acres of land to the south of the Beverley to York Road.



Average for the week 62. Received notice of the Scripture Examination (on Sunday the 4th inst.) to take place on Monday 12th at 1.45pm. E R Hall Watt Esq visited the school on Wednesday. Permission given to Mr F Boyes to lecture on ‘Bee Keeping’ on Thursday night. M A Brumfield too ill to be at school on Friday. Another case of Diphtheria reported on Thursday in the family of Tom Berridge, consequently Fred the son is being kept from school.




Average for the week 63. Mr Hall Watt gave some of the 1st class children a catchy piece of dictation when at school on Monday morning. He kindly gave authority to purchase new reading books for the ‘standards’. Three object readers for Stands I,II,III were selected and books 4,5,6 of the Graphic Series for the upper standards: also 3 doz copies of Hymns Ancient and Modern tonic solfa edition for use in tonic solfa singing lessons, as recommended by Mr F Harvey HMI. Mrs Hall Watt and Miss B Cayley inspected girls’ needlework on Monday afternoon. No school on Good Friday.

Tonic sol-fa = system of musical notation where the scale is: doh, reh, me, fah, so, la, te, doh. The scale was made more famous by the song in the Sound of Music that assigns a notional meaning to each note.


Miss B Cayley = Beatric Mary Eugenia, the youngest sister of Julia Eyre/Hall Watt nee Cayley



No school on Easter Monday. Two boys planting potatoes and 2 tenting this week. The Shaws have left the village to live in the neighbourhood of York. Four children attended school, three of them regularly. Their work was a little over the average for their respective standards. Edgar Dunning a Standard VII boy, withdrawn to attend the Beverley Grammar School. He was the top boy in the school in every subject and his work very creditable.

Bird tenting = looking after crops usually to scare birds away.


Edgar Dunning was the son of Daniel Dunning who had farmed at Cold Harbour since 1888. Edgar later took over the farm and was the father of John Dunning who still lives at Cold Harbour farm.



Average for the week 60. Norah Jackson sick. The potato planting boy returned this week with the exception of Robert Hall. The girls needlework superintended by Miss J Swann instead of Mrs J Swann on Friday 30th inst for the first time. Conduct, work and tidiness of scholars all satisfactory.

Miss Julia Swann was the daughter of the Swanns; she was born in the village in about 1873. In 1901 she was working as a barmaid at the Great Northern Hotel in Leeds.



Average for the week 60. Admitted Hannah Hall – infant. Henrietta Thompson brought R A Appleton’s Medical Certificate stating that she is not able to attend school. Harold Thompson the brother attends very unsatisfactorily also Robert Hall.




Average for the week 59. Admitted Harry Berridge an infant of 4 years 10 m. Newlove’s name taken off the register. Mr Craggy the Attendance Officer visited the school on Wednesday afternoon. The average pc of attendance for the past month was thought to be very satisfactory. Conduct, tidiness and diligence of all scholars satisfactory.




Average for the week 58. Three girls sick – the other absentees are ‘tenting’ and ‘minding babies’. The members of the Band of Hope had their tea at the Baptist Chapel on Thursday afternoon – about 30 children are members. Home lessons have been most unsatisfactory this week probably owing to some children learning pieces of recitation for Band of Hope meeting and the Wesleyan Sunday School Anniversary.

Magic Lantern started by Jabez Tunnicliffe and Ann Jane Carlile in 1847 has been encouraging children and youths to avoid drug related harm and make drug free choices. They also go under the name of Band of Hope.



Average for the week 61. Admitted Lawrence Collingwood an infant of 4. Mr and Mrs Hall Watt at the school on Tuesday afternoon. Mrs Hall Watt distributed sweets amongst girls. Conduct, tidiness and lessons all satisfactory. Three girls sick. (M Hornsey, H Thompson and H Hall) the whole week.




Average for the week 55. The falling off in the attendance is mainly owing to the Club Feast on Thursday. On Wednesday afternoon only 50 were present, and on Friday morning 51:- compared with 61 on Monday morning shows a falling off 10.




Whitsuntide Holiday

I week




Admitted Winifred Smart an infant. The Vicar, E R Hall Watt Esq, Mrs Hall Watt and 2 Miss Thompsons at school during the week. Mr Hall Watt kindly gave a poor child (Harriet Botterill) a shilling to buy wool for knitting. Work, conduct and tidiness satisfactory.




E R B Hall Watt’s endorsement and signature for June 15th




Average 56. Many children at the neighbouring places during the week. Holiday on the Diamond Jubilee Day June 22nd. Bishop Burton rejoicings on Friday the 23rd inst. The children had each a medal the gift of Mrs Hall Watt and ‘tea and sports’ provided principally by Mr Watt.

Diamond Jubilee = Queen Victoria on the throne for 50years.



Average for the week 58. Several boys pulling ‘ketlocks’ and 1 girl singling turnips. The children attending the Baptist Sunday School had their ‘Tea Feast’ on Friday afternoon which brought down the attendance to 37. Conduct, lessons and tidiness satisfactory.

Ketlocks = wild mustard


Turnip singling = the practice of separating vegetable crops such as turnips or cabbages that grow in clumps




Average for the week 64. 2 children singling turnips and others pulling ketlocks on Friday afternoon. Otherwise the attendance would have been most satisfactory. The Drawing Inspector paid a surprise visit during the drawing lesson on Friday afternoon. Conduct, work and tidiness of children satisfactory.




Average for the week 62. The schoolroom was required for the tea and meeting on Tuesday afternoon in connection with the Sunday School Teachers from the Rural Deanery of Beverley. The Wesleyan Bazaar on Thursday afternoon reduced the attendance that day. Conduct, work and appearance of children all satisfactory.




Average for the week 67. On Tuesday afternoon 69 children were present out of the 70 on the books. Earnest Ellerington was the only one absent and he has been tending cattle the whole week. Conduct, work and tidiness of children all satisfactory. The girls of the upper division have continued their needlework the whole afternoons of this week in order to finish their garments in time for the ‘judging’ in connection with the Bp. Burton Rose and Industrial Show.




Average for the week 58. The attendance on Thursday was only 38 in the morning and 40 in the afternoon on account of the Wesleyan and Baptist Sunday School trips to Bridlington. The P.T went with the Wesleyan trip. Mrs Hall Watt at school on Tuesday and Friday. Work, conduct and tidiness all satisfactory.




Average 63. On Monday the Annual Lumber Sale was held in the schoolroom, and on Thursday the annual ’Rose Show’ was held in the Hall grounds when over £5 was given in school children prizes. Conduct, work and tidiness of scholars satisfactory.




Average 61. The members of the Clothing Club met in the schoolroom on the 9th inst. When they received back their subscriptions. The attendance satisfactory except one or two cases. Harvest operations commenced on different days this week. Conduct, work and tidiness of children satisfactory.




Average 58. The following children left off a week before the Harvest Holidays commenced :- 4 Jacksons, 3 Elleringtons, Lucy Hornsey and Wm Berridge, Charles Duck, Robert Hall. Harold Thompson and Albert Hawes were also absent, but not on account of harvest.


Harvest Holidays      4 wks     August 23rd – Sept 20th




Re-opened with an attendance of 55 which increased to 61 on the 24th inst. Admitted 2 infant boys, 2 infant girls and 1 Stand (V) boy (pro tem) from Cave. The work of the week has daily improved but is far from the leaving off quality:- writing especially – conduct fair – tidiness satisfactory.




Examined the Registers and found them correct.


W A Pearman




Average for the week 65. Admitted Stanley Jackson an infant. Taken the names of Eliz Ellerington and Mabel Hornsey off the class register. The Revd W A Pearman and Miss Cayley at school this week. Notice of P.T examination days on Oct 16th and 30th instead of 23rd. Conduct, work and tidiness of children improved from last week.




Average the same as last week. The infant class reached 100% attendance. A few of the older boys picking potatoes for Mr Brumfield this week. Conduct, work and tidiness have again reached the point attained before the Harvest Holidays.

Mr Brumfield farmed at Park End, at the corner of Finkle St.



Examined the Registers and found them correct.


E R B Hall Watt




Average for the week 63. Three girls assisted in church decorating on Wednesday afternoon of the ‘Harvest Festival’ in the evening. A few absentees on Monday and Tuesday on account of ‘Hull Fair’. Work, conduct and tidiness of scholars satisfactory. The Vicar and Mr Cayley as well as Mr Watt at the school during the week.

Mr Cayley is probably Digby William Cayley, the father of Julia Hall Watt and of Miss Olivia Cayley. The family was based in Brompton by Sawdon, near Scarborough.



Average for the week 67. John Wilson and Robert Hall returned after a long absence but Wilson left off after two days attendance to tent. Neither parents, employer or boy ever mention the cause of absence. This seems to be the rule with Bishop Burton children. Mary Newlove was sent to school on Friday afternoon, but Mr Quest asked her to nurse, which she did without mentioning the matter to either parents or schoolmaster. Children would attend much better than they do if they were not kept away as above stated.

Mr Quest was the landlord of the Altisidora Inn.



Average 64. Mr Craggy the Attendance Officer looked in the school on Wednesday afternoon. Wm. Berridge and Emily Foster sick – both cases certified by Dr. Appleton. Fred Berridge gave some trouble on Thursday by his ‘swearing’. With this exception the conduct during the week has been satisfactory. Work and tidiness of scholars satisfactory.




Average 63. No school on Wednesday. The Vicar and E R Hall Watt asked the Master on Wednesday to send a ‘Telegram’ to R S Stevelly Esq informing him of the closing without due notice. On Monday evening the principal parishioners gave a congregational tea. About 140 sat down and as there was so much to spare it was decided on Wednesday morning to give the children a tea and to leave the arrangements of the schoolroom just as they were. About 90 children were present and fully appreciated the kindness of the donors.




Average 64. The Vicar at school on Monday arranging for a Lantern Entertainment in the evening. Miss Cayley at school on Thursday afternoon. Commenced fires Nov 4th. Received notice of Drawing Examination. The attendance of the older children very irregular eg. Charles Duck present once last wee and twice this, Robt. Hall twice present this week, Harriet Thompson and John Wilson absent several weeks, Mary Newlove once present this week, Amy Poole 4 times present this week as well as last week.




Average 63. Every Monday four girls are absent on account of ‘Washing day’ and other on ‘Cleaning day’. Three infants and two elder scholars sick this week. On Tuesday afternoon the children were allowed to see something of ‘Clay work’ on a potter’s wheel. Conduct, work and tidiness of scholars satisfactory.






R S Stevelly




Average 64. Wednesday morning was very pleasant to teachers and children on the occasion of the visit of H M Inspector R S Stevelly Esq. Also Friday morning on the occasion of the Drawing Examination conducted by Mr E Gumersall. Mr Stevelly strongly recommended suitable illustration and specimens for object lessons and the gravelling of the boys playground. Mr Gumersall recommended sets of ‘Demonstration sheets’ for Standards V and VI and the use of squared paper for Standard IV.




Average for the week 65. The names of Harold Thompson, Harriet Botterill and Edith Danby taken off the register for reason there entered. Miss Cayley on behalf of Mrs Hall Watt, kindly presented the piece of needlework prepared for the Rose Show and the Annual Inspection to the child who did it, and 2/ to the maker of each chemise and 1/6 to the maker of each flannel petticoat on Thursday afternoon.




Average 63. The diminished attendance is due to sickness, washing day, Beverley Cattle Market (boys assisting to drive the cattle to market) and one days shooting ‘boys bush beating’. Mr Hall Watt at school on Wednesday afternoon. Lessons, conduct and tidiness of scholars satisfactory.




Average 65. There is nothing special to record this week. The attendance had been satisfactory, conduct and work good. The result of Pupil Teacher Examination “passed fairly’’ Teaching (Knowledge of Method)




Average 62. The attendance has fallen from 66 on Tuesday to 55 on Thursday on account of Christmas. Wednesday was a shooting day only 5 boys absent.



Christmas Holidays        (1 week)   from December 23rd to January 3rd 1898