Here are the results of the limerick challenge issued to villagers and friends of Bishop Burton. To hear the voices of Karen Mosey and Rodger Middleton read the limericks that were submitted click on the small icon below. Clicking on the larger image allows you to see the words of the limericks that were written together with acknowledgements and thanks to our contributors. If you are having problems reading or hearing the limericks online then the attachments at the bottom of the screen allow them to be downloaded to your computer, tablet or smart phone.




I've now had some more limericks since the original production. Here they are:

There was a young man named Bryan
He lived by a pond called a mere
His hobby was fishing
An ideal position
Accompanied with chips and a beer

The folks in the cottage called "Daisy"
Are definitely going stir crazy.
If it wasn't for friends
We'd be clean round the bendz
But for now we're just a bit mazy

Thanks to :-

The personal shopper who is an ex copper
The wonderful bodies who are known as the Hoddies
The folks who come down the road
To deliver the Sunday Paper complete wih an Ode.


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