Transcribed by: Alison Gibson

The school head was Benjamin Swann

The teachers were: Jeanette Jane Swann and Mary A Brumfield

In 1896, Queen Victoria had been queen for 59 years and the Marquess of Salisbury was prime minister for the third and last time. X-rays were discovered by Willhelm Roentgen. Puccini’s opera La Boheme premiered in Turin. Marconi registered a patent for his new invention, the radio.  Chop suey was invented in New York. Glasgow Underground opened but then closed the same day after an accident, and did not re-open until 1897.




Date of entry

Log entry

Editorial notes



The attendance for this week has been satisfactory. Mrs Hall Watt visited the school twice during the week. Conduct, work and tidiness of scholars satisfactory. Meeting of the Managers on the 4th in the schoolhouse to verify the annual returns and audit the accounts.

Mr and Mrs Hall Watt = Lord of the manor of Bishop Burton until his death in a motor accident in France in 1908. Sometime school manager, and his wife.



Every child in attendance on Monday. The average however was reduced by the diminished attendance on Friday owing to the elder boys having to go ‘bush beating’ for Mr Watt’s shooting party. The out-offices were lime washed during the week. Conduct, work and cleanliness of scholars satisfactory







List of Object Lessons for H.M.Inspectors approval (Act 98(b))


Standards I,II and III

Reindeer, Camel, Elephant, Bear, Eagle, Lion

Tea, Coffee, Flax, Cotton, Sugar

Rain, Snow, Rivers, Mountains, Shape of Earth

Salt, Iron, Gold, Silver, Coral

Glass, Pins, Silk, Knives, Leather

The Sun, A plant, Money, The Whales, The Human Body.


Infant Class

Horse, Cow, Reindeer, Camel, Dog, Elephant, Sheep, Hare, Eagle

Gold, Silver, Tin, Iron, Salt, Coral, Pins, Knives, Silk, Soap

Tea, Coffee, Sugar, Rice, Cotton

Rain, Cup and Saucer, Tea Table, a plant, The Human Body.


Scheme for Grouping (Act 101(E))

Schedule II of Code

Class subject: - English Course S

Class subject: - Geography Course S

Class subject: - Grammar Course S





Poetry for Recitation from the following Standard Authors: -

Standard I

20 lines ‘The lost lamb’ Westwood

Standards II,III

60 lines ‘In the Children’s’ Hospital’ Tennyson

Standards IV,V,VI

150 lines ‘ Selection from the Merchant of Venice’ Shakespeare


“Varied Occupation” geometrical drawing and colouring.


W.H.A = Walter Hy. Anstead H.M. Inspector of Schools Westwood Road.



Examination on Monday. The remainder of the week


Christmas Holidays




Percy Jackson Stand VI boy withdrawn for the Beverley Grammar School. Mrs Hall Watt at school on Monday afternoon making the girls presents of the garments provided by her for their examination in needlework. Conduct, work and tidiness of scholars satisfactory. Wednesday was one of Mr Hall Watt’s shooting days. Twelve children absent in consequence.


The following Summary of H.M Inspectors Report has been received by the school managers.

“The admirable order and good behaviour of the children continues marked features of the school. The improvement noticed last year in the general attainments is maintained, and much of the work shows careful teaching. The instruction in Needlework deserves a special word of praise. In tucking a thread must not be drawn. The Needlework of the third Standard is excellent.’’


E.R.B Hall Watt  (correspondent)




Average attendance for week 62. Admitted Ernest Hudson – infant class – Percy Jackson withdrawn to attend the Beverley Grammar school. Mrs Hall Watt at school on Wednesday afternoon. The schoolroom used for a ball on Thursday night (by permission). There was no hindrance of any kind to prevent schoolwork the following morning. Conduct, tidiness and work of scholars satisfactory.




Average for the week 60. Mrs Hall Watt at school on Thursday morning arranging Prizes for Needlework, Drawing, Writing and Map Drawing. Mabel Allan and Arthur Brown withdrawn on leaving the village for Beverley. Albert Curtis continues unwell, R.C Appleton certifying ‘’ femoral abscess’’. Conduct, work and tidiness of scholars satisfactory.

Femoral abscess = femoral being the thigh bone, abscess being a collection of puss enclosed by damage and inflamed tissue.



Average for the week 58. No school on Tuesday on account of the Farmers Dance in the schoolroom. The schoolroom was also allowed to be used for another dance on Wednesday evening. On Friday night a Minstrel Group gave an entertainment in the schoolroom. Mrs Hall Watt and Miss Thompson visited the school on Thursday afternoon and inspected the work.

Miss Thompson = no reference found to date




Examined the Registers and found them correct.


E.R.B Hall Watt




Average for the week 67. E.R Hall Watt Esq. on Shrove Tuesday granted the customary half-holiday. Mrs Hall Watt distributed Prizes for school children’s work. Conduct, tidiness and work of scholars satisfactory.




Average for the week 61. Visitors during the week Mrs Hall Watt, E.R Hall Watt Esq. and The Vicar. Conduct, work and tidiness of scholars satisfactory.




Same average as last week. The Vicar at school on Wednesday afternoon. Geography and Arithmetic in lieu of Tuesday’s occupation lesson.  Mrs Hall Watt sent a basin and stand for the convenience of the girls’ needlework class – some of the little ones’ hands get sticky and soil their work.




Exactly the same attendance as the two past weeks. Received ‘Notice’ of the Scripture Examination for the 31st of March. The Vicar and Mrs Hall Watt at the school during the week. Some of the boys have been playing in ‘The Planting’ and complained about by the Estate Woodman. Work and appearance satisfactory.




Average 59 for the week. Boys at work planting potatoes. Dr Clan course of lectures on Gardening for the past 10 weeks terminated on Wednesday evening. Mrs Hall Watt at school on Wednesday afternoon kindly provided sewing material for girls’ needlework for 1896. Conduct, lessons and tidiness of scholars satisfactory.




Average for the week 58. Fred Wilson (nai) withdrawn for work. Anne Deighton from the village of Rudston admitted for the 6 months she is to stay with her relatives in this village. Conduct, lessons and tidiness of scholars satisfactory.

The abbreviation “nai” is not known.



Average for the week 59. Mrs Hall Watt visited the school on Monday afternoon. Scripture Examination on Tuesday by the Rev E Barry: - the Vicar was present part of the time. No school on Good Friday. Conduct, work and cleanliness of scholars satisfactory.

Rev Ernest Joseph Barry = Diocesan Inspector of schools and curate of Routh, Newbiggin



Weeks average 60. Admitted Tim Berridge a 5 year old. Easter Monday holiday. Discontinued fires in the classroom on the 7th in the schoolroom on the 9th inst. Conduct, work and tidiness of scholars satisfactory.




Average for the week 62. Admitted 2 infants – Mary Duck and Frank Wilson. The Vicar in school on Tuesday morning. F. Akeister neither at work nor school. He has not attended once since Mr Hall Watt spoke to him in the school about running about and destroying shrubs in ‘’The Planting’’. Elizabeth Walker only one day at school this week. Ernest Ellerington has been absent 3 weeks ‘’bird tenting’’. He is only 8 years of age and been examined (by sample) in Stand II

Bird tenting = looking after crops usually to scare birds away.



Examined the Registers and found them correct.


E.R.B Hall Watt

Report of Religious Instruction

Old Testament                                VG          VG          VG

New Testament                               VG          VG          VG

Catechism                                       VG           G             G

Prayer Book                                    VG

Repetition of Scripture                     E             E              E

Hymn Collects                                 E             E              E

Catechism                                       E             E              E

Abstracts or Writing from Memory   E            G             VG


General report

            ‘As usual the reverence at the opening prayer was marked. The children sang their hymns feelingly: - the discipline was excellent.  The work was of an uniformly good character throughout the school; the answers were readily given – The Repetition is a strong point; it was reverent, natural and accurate; what had been learnt will always be useful.’


(signed) Ernest J Barry Diocesan Inspector

May be grouped the same as the Poetry Recitation groupings of Standard I, Standard II,III, and Standard IV,V,VI. See log entry Jan 13th 1896.



Average for the week 62. Arthur Treat sick – attended by the doctor. Mrs Hall Watt at school on Wednesday morning. The Vicar at school on Thursday morning. Conduct, work and tidiness of scholars satisfactory.




Average for the week 57. Several boys at work this week. Fred Wilson withdrawn for work. Mrs Hall Watt at the school on Monday afternoon. Some boys potato setting at Molescroft in the Beverley Monster Parish. Lessons and behaviour satisfactory.




Average for the week 55. Pointed out to Mr Craggy the Attendance Officer the above entry. He threatened the employer to the schoolmaster on Wednesday, but the boys are there today Friday. Conduct and lessons satisfactory.




Average for the week 56. The above statement might be repeated as the potato planting still continues. Sarah J Hall has not been working properly in the needlework class. The boys got two new cricket bats, 2 balls, bails and bag this week. The Squire kindly gave 10/- towards them. We are specially thankful for such liberal assistance, which we all appreciate.




Average for the week 56. Admitted J Crombie Hardy and John Collingwood. Mrs Hall Watt at the school on Wednesday afternoon inspecting the needlework. Conduct, lessons and tidiness all satisfactory.

Whitsuntide Holiday

! week from May 25th – May 29th




Average for the week 58. The schoolroom was used for the Village Club dinner and subsequent meeting on Thursday. Admitted Mabel Clubley aged 6 years. Conduct satisfactory, work only fair, especially on Friday.




Average for the week 67. Admitted Norah Jackson and Arthur Clubley – both infants. Mrs Hall Watt and Miss B Cayley visited the school on Tuesday afternoon. Flowers planted in front of the school and plants placed in the schoolroom my Mr and Mrs Hall Watt. Conduct, lessons and tidiness of scholars all satisfactory.

Miss B Cayley = The youngest sister of Julia Eyre/Hall Watt nee Cayley



Average for the week 60. Monday was the Wesleyan Sunday School Treat and Thursday afternoon the ‘Carnival’ on the Westwood. The attendances were low in consequence on those afternoons. New maps of Ireland and Scotland and a Globe procured for the school. Work, behaviour and tidiness of children satisfactory.




Average for the week 65. Admitted Susan Clubley. Mrs Hall Watt, Miss Cayley and Mrs Hall Watt at school on Wednesday. Mr Watt kindly bringing a new map of Africa for the use of the school. The Ladies again at school on Friday inspecting the needlework. Conduct, lessons and tidiness of scholars satisfactory.




Average for the week 66. Turnip singling commenced on Thursday July 2nd. Three names taken off the class registers at the end of the 2nd quarter: - viz – Geo. Thompson and Fred Akeister:- Gertrude Brown – only present once since admission on May 11th. Mr and Mrs Hall Watt gave the annual treat to the Day and Sunday school children on Monday the 29th inst. The Master begs to record on behalf of the children their best thanks for such kindness and interest in their welfare and happiness.

Turnip singling = the practice of separating vegetable crops such as turnips or cabbages that grow in clumps




inst = the current month, short for instant



Average for the week 62. Admitted Alexander Shaw – an infant of 4 years. Two more children singling turnips. Friday afternoon being the Baptist Sunday School Treat reduced the weekly average – 65 present in the morning – 44 in the afternoon. Conduct, lessons and tidiness all satisfactory.




Average for the week 63. Two more boys at work this week ‘bird tenting’. No school on Wednesday on account of the annual Rose Show of this village being held on that day. Conduct, work and tidiness of scholars satisfactory.




Average for the week 60. Two little ones have ‘whooping cough’ – one the whole week absent getting her boots mended – one ‘singling turnips’ – one ’nursing’ – one hay making – 5 tenting are the reasons for this weeks absentees.

Whooping cough = an acute, highly contagious bacterial infection of the mucus membranes lining the air passages characterised by a cough followed by sharp intake of breath sounding like a ‘whoop’


No Date

Average for the week 55. Several children absent on Thursday with the trip to Bridlington in connection with the Wesleyan Sunday School. The Lumber Sale was held in the schoolroom on Wednesday. Turnip singling, tenting birds and tending cattle with three cases of sickness at additional causes to the trip in reducing the percentage of attendances this week. The P.T went with the excursion.




Examined the Registers and found them correct.


E.R.B. Hall Watt




Average for the week 59. The Church Sunday School and Choir boys had their annual outing to Bridlington. Mrs Hall Watt kindly providing dinner and teas as well as defraying Ry expenses. The children are most grateful to Mrs Hall Watt for her kindness. Mr and Mrs Hall Watt and Mr Rutherford at the school on Wednesday afternoon. Attendance, conduct, work and tidiness all satisfactory.




Received notice of Pupil Teachers Examination for Saturday Oct 24th. The Revd E.G.C Parr a former Vicar of Bishop Burton at the school on Thursday afternoon with Mr Pearman. The attendance has fallen from 58 to 47 this week. No farmer’s children present except an infant – Gertrude Ellerington. Let off for

Harvest Holidays

From August 14th to September 21st

(5 weeks)

The Rev Parr was Vicar between 1874 and 1877. Further information about him and other vicars is in the article “Who was Who”…



Admitted Harold Walker an infant of 5 years. The entry made respecting Gertrude Brown made for week June 29th – July 3rd has been wrongly made. The child’s aunt stating that she was ill and could not attend, therefore her name appears on the register again after Harvest Holidays. Admitted Edith Danby an infant 5 years. Mrs Hall Watt and Miss B Cayley at the school looking at the needlework. Average for the week 64. The 5 weeks holiday has proved more satisfactory for the re-opening the school than a month of past years. Tidiness, work and conduct of scholars satisfactory for the first week.




Average for the week 65. The poor little boy Harold Walker who was admitted last Monday morning died from inflammation of the throat on Wednesday of this week. He was well on Friday afternoon at the close of the school. Conduct, work and tidiness satisfactory.




Average for the week 55. The falling off in attendance is principally owing to sickness but there are some children who attend very irregularly. Kitty Jackson has ‘Scarlet fever’ consequently her three brothers cannot attend school. On Thursday afternoon 3 girls and 3 boys were gathering moss for decoration; on Friday half a dozen boys were ‘bush beating’ for shooting party. The behaviour, work and tidiness of those at school satisfactory.

Scarlet Fever = Scarlet fever is a rash accompanied by a sore throat caused by the streptococcus bacteria. Before the use of antibiotics these infection could be fatal.



The attendance on Monday was only 44. The majority of the absentees are sick; the remainder have sickness in their homes. The school was closed by the Managers on the recommendation of Dr Walker the Medical Authority for this District on Tuesday the 13th inst. On Wednesday morning Mr Harvey came to examine the children not having seen Mr Stevelley to whom notice of closing the school was sent on Tuesday the day the school was closed. Mr Craggy the attendance officer paid a visit the same day as Mr Harvey. Mary Duck died on Sunday the 18th inst. Taken ill of ‘Diphtheria’ on Saturday the 17th. Mary xxxxxx

Diphtheria = an acute, highly contagious bacterial infection of the throat and other mucus membranes and the skin causing difficulty in breathing and swallowing. Bacteria release toxins into the blood, which damages the heart and nerves.


xxxxxx = an indecipherable sentence due to the fading ink



Re-opened with an attendance of 56. The schoolroom was given up to the Wesleyans of the village on Tuesday on the occasion of the re-opening of their chapel. The attendance continued satisfactory the remainder of the week. Anne Dunning withdrawn to attend Miss Skingle’s private adventure school. Miss Skingle is the daughter of the newly appointed Baptist Minister for this village.

Revd Samuel Skingle = Minister at the Baptist Chapel in Bishop Burton 1896-1922


Anne Dunning was about 8 years old when she went to Miss Skingle’s school. Miss Skingle herself would only have been about 18 years old. A “private adventure school” was also commonly referred to as a “dame” school i.e one run usually by a woman from her home. The adventure schools were generally run at the teacher’s risk (that was the element of adventure not the curriculum) and did not usually have the legal standing that other schools might have. I don’t know how long her school ran; in the 1901 census Miss Ellie Skingle’s occupation is described as “governess”. An “E H Skingle” published in 1929 a short booklet entitled “The story of a country Baptist church: Bishop Burton, East Yorkshire”. If anyone has access to a copy, do please contact us.



Inspection I


Fr. Harvey

Mr F Harvey = Her Majesty’s Inspector




Average for the week 52. The attendance reduced this week by boys having to ‘beat’ for Mr Hall Watt’s shooting parties. There was not a single boy present in Standards IV,V and VI on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday: - 18th 19th 20th. There are several children absent who ought to be at school who are neither sick nor at work.




Average for the week 62. Mrs Hall Watt’s kind entertainment in the schoolroom for the Martinmas youths and maidens of this village took place in the schoolroom on Tuesday night. The school closed half an hour in consequence. The Drawing examination took place on Friday the 27th inst.

Martinmas = Martinmas was one of the quarter days which were used to divide the year. It originates in a Christian feast observed in commemoration of the death and burial of Saint Martin of Tours. Martinmas was usually observed on November 11. This day was important in the agricultural calendar as it was the day from which agricultural and other workers were hired for 12 months at a time and also the date on which rents and other payments fell due.



Average for the week 62. The sickness is only in two families this week – 4 children sick besides Jackson 4, thus making 8 cases in consequence of sickness. Conduct, work and tidiness satisfactory for Martinmas Week.




Examined the Registers and found them correct.


E.R.B. Hall Watt




Average for the week 52. Mr Craggy the attendance officer visited the school on Wednesday afternoon. Mrs Hall Watt on Thursday and Mr Hall Watt on Friday. Sarah Jane Hall died on the 10th inst. She was last at school on the 30th of last month. The brother and sister cannot attend school in consequence of this second outbreak of diphtheria. Conduct, tidiness and work of scholars satisfactory. The girls have begun to use the closet next to the school door as a cloakroom.

Mr Craggy = School attendance officer, an employee of the county council.



Average for the week 45. More cases of sickness this week – Laura Wilson, Alice Hall. Geo. Hayton. Harrietta Hayton and other not so serious. E.R.B Hall Watt Esq. and Mrs Hall Watt at school on Monday. Mrs Hall Watt gave the girls their garments made for exhibition at the Rose Show after being examined by Mr Stevelley H.M.I of schools. The elder boys ‘bush beating’ on two occasions. The Vicar at school on Friday morning giving the P.T notice of their Scripture exam on Saturday the 19th inst at Mr Barry’s Beverley.

R.S. Stevelley H.M Inspector of Schools New Walk





P.T = pupil teachers



The attendance is again low on occasion of sickness. Henrietta Thompson and her brother Harold have the Measles. Albert Curtis and Laura Wilson ‘diphtheria’. There has been another fatal case in Hall’s family and Fred Wilson brother to Laura has caught the infection. The school was closed on Wednesday morning –(a day earlier than intended in consequence of this second outbreak of diphtheria) for the

Christmas Holidays

Measles = highly infectious viral disease that mainly affect children. Before the use of vaccinations the affects of this disease could lead to blindness / deafness and at worse death.


Ellen and Charles had nine children between 1883 and 1900 all born in the village. Three children, including Sarah Jane and George aged 10 and 8, died in 1896/7 from diphtheria, and Alice also caught the infection but survived. The school log refers to a third fatality in the family at that time but we’re not sure who that is. The family moved to the Ridings Field in Beverley shortly after the start of the new century and ended up living in dwellings within what is now the “Old Friary”. The Halls were related to Page Barrow and the family has the original of his notebook published elsewhere on this site. Another son, Frank, was killed in World War 1 and is mentioned in the War Memorial article also on this site.