The Eastern Area Planning Sub Committee of the ERYC's Planning Committee met on 25th November 2019 to consider the planning applications for a petrol station and associated retail shop on land to the north east of Killingwoldgraves Roundabout. Mark Hoddinott presented the case against approving the proposal. Councillor Gateshill also spoke against the proposal as did other members of the Sub-Committee despite it being recommended for support by the Planning Officers. The Planning Application for the petrol station was refused by the Sub Committee.

The minute of the decision gives the reasons for refusal:

1. The application site is located in open countryside, in an Important Landscape Area and is not allocated in the development plan for any purpose. It is considered that the proposed petrol filling station and retail store, in combination with the ancillary built development and infrastructure would appear as an alien feature which would detrimentally harm the intrinsic character of the countryside and landscape, contrary to policies S4 (C), ENV1 (A, B.1, B.3 and B.15), and ENV2 (A, A.3 and B.1) of the East Riding Local Plan Strategy Document (ERLP SD) and paragraphs 127 (a and b), 170 (a and b) of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF).

2. It is considered that the retail unit within the proposed development would have a detrimental impact on the viability and vitality of the shops within the nearby local villages of Bishop Burton, Walkington and Cherry Burton to the detriment of the local residents. This aspect of the proposal is therefore considered to conflict with policy EC3 (I) of the ERLP SD and paragraph 92 (d) of the NPPF.

In making this decision the Council has followed the requirements in paragraph 38 of the National Planning Policy Framework, and given the applicant the opportunity to address the Committee, however for the reasons given above the application has been refused.


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