Lindum have submitted revised plans and a response to the Parish Council's objections to the proposed development of a petrol station and retail store on a site near the Killingwoldgraves Lane roundabout. The full set of documents can be viewed on the ERYC planning web site. The proposal will be considered by the Planning Committee at a meeting starting 2.00 pm on Monday 25th November 2019. Councillor Hoddinott will make a three minute speech in favour of objectors to the proposal.

If you want to write to East Riding of Yorkshire Council with your views, please do this even if you have written before. (Details on how to do this have been attached in the document “How to submit comments”).  The letter does not have to be long or complicated it just needs to reflect what you believe.  Note: the document “How to submit comments” also contains a suggestion for a letter that you could write if you believe that the changes submitted do not change your original submission.  It is important that you send the letter as otherwise East Riding Council may believe that Lindum’s response, on behalf of the applicant, has answered your concerns and that you are now happy with the plans.

To help you formulate your response the following documents have been attached:
·         A summary of the points from 31 October meeting  held in the Parish Hall
·         Summary of documents submitted by the applicant and changes made to the application since the original planning application.
·         Lindum’s “response to objections”  
·         proposed site layout– new and original so you can see the difference
·         highways design requirements – showing the new proposed road layout
·         Forward planning document – this has been included as you may wish to comment on it.
Please feel free to use these documents as you feel fit.  The most important thing is to submit your views to East Riding by the 8th November (this Friday). 
If you need any further help or information please give Margaret Hebb a call or e:mail her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Telephone: (01964) 551315