Need a quiz for New Year's Eve? Try this one.

SIX of these personal names are NOT in the UK census returns between 1841 and 1901. Which?

·         Ali Baba

·         Oliver Twist

·         Goldfinger

·         Alexander Palace

·         Bishop Burton

·         Cherry Burton

·         Arthur Mowe

·         Endeavour Morse

·         Michael Mouse

·         Minnie Mouse

·         Olive Oil

·         Albert Einstein

·         Albert Hall

·         Fitzwilliam Darcy

·         Clark Kent

·         Maud Garden

·         Eddie Elbow

FOUR of these places do NOT exist in the UK. Which?

  • Over Peover
  • Lower Slaughter
  • Much Binding in the Marsh
  • Hook Norton
  • Elephant Green
  • Laustinspeys
  • Burnt Green
  • Nether Wallop
  • Lickey End
  • World’s End
  • Blackboys
  • Heaven
  • Wyre Piddle
  • Tooze cum Pagnie
  • White Ladies Aston

Find THREE company names NOT registered in the UK

  • Woolies Ltd
  • Doctors in Court Ltd
  • Doctors in Dispute Ltd
  • Football Academy of Culture
  • Derry Air Ltd
  • Bounce-Tastic Ltd
  • Bubwith Leisure Centre Ltd
  • Weir Rubbish

Some words cannot be freely used in the names of companies. Find the FOUR Companies whose names would NOT require the specific approval of the Secretary of State or nominee


  • Nurses ‘r’ Us
  • Human Butchers
  • Chemistry Kits for Kids
  • British Tiddlywink Manufacturing
  • Bishop Burton Polytechnic
  • Bank of Bubwith
  • Rogue Doctors
  • Benevolent Doctors
  • Contact Lens Doctors
  • Pregnancy Support Bureau
  • Induced Labour Association
  • Casino Royale Casino
  • Windsor Travel
  • Church of Christ the Man

The answers will be published on 1st January 2009 as an attachment to this article but all the answers can be found somewhere on the internet.

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