Transcribed by: Alison Gibson


The school head was Benjamin Swann

Teachers were: Mrs Jeanette Swann and Miss Mary Brumfield


In 1895, Queen Victoria had been queen for 58 years and William Gladstone was prime minister. The National Trust and the London School of Economics were founded. King Zog of Albania was born and Louis Pasteur died. The sport of rugby league was formed at a meeting in the George Hotel, Huddersfield.




Date of entry

Log entry

Editorial notes



Average for the week 65. E.R Hall Watt Esq heard the ‘Ballad of the Fleet' recited when visiting the school with the Vicar on Wednesday afternoon. The Managers annual meeting for auditing the accounts and verifying the returns was held on Friday morning. Conduct and work of scholars satisfactory.

Ballad of the Fleet is a poem by Alfred, Lord Tennyson. It celebrates a sea-battle involving the Revenge against the Spanish fleet. Very jingoistic and anti-Spanish.



List of Object Lessons for H.M. Inspector's approval (Act 98 (b))

Infant Class

Horse, Cow, Reindeer, Camel, Dog, Elephant, Sheep, Hare, Eagle.

Gold, Silver, Tin, Iron, Salt, Coal.

Pins, Knives, Silk, Soap.

Tea, Coffee, Sugar, Rice, Cotton.

Cup and Saucer.

Tea Table, A Plant, The Human Body.

                                                                                                          Seen R.S.S

Scheme for Grouping (Act 101(e) vii) Schedule II of Code

Class Subject: - English Course S

Class Subject: - Geography Course S

Poetry for Recitation from the following Standard Authors: -

Standard I 20 lines                         }}‘Twilight' Longfellow

Standard II 40 lines                        }} ‘Resignation'

Standard III 60 Lines                       }} ‘The Arrow and this song' Longfellow


Standard IV  80 lines                     }}    How Horatius

Standard V  100 lines                    }}  kept the bridge

Standard VI  150 lines                     }}   ‘ Macaulay'




Average for the week 61. Tuesday 8th was the annual examination and the inspection by R.S Stevelley Esq. With a few exceptions the children's attendance well throughout the week although the weather was so inclement. As there was no holiday at Christmas on account of the early date of the examination the customary week's holiday is from January 14th to the 19th inst.


Christmas Holidays      One week.




Average for the week 63. The schoolroom was required for a meeting on Wednesday night including Magic Lantern. There was no afternoon meeting of school ??. On Thursday afternoon Mrs Hall Watt and Miss Cayley visited the school and inspected girls needlework and the lesson work of boys. On Friday afternoon several (8) boys after the fox hounds.



1-Jan -1895

Average for the week 61. Mary A Brumfield commenced lessons on Monday morning at 7.45 and continued coming to school the whole week at that time notwithstanding the very inclement weather. Mrs Shaw complained of John Wilson kicking her boy in the abdomen on Tuesday. J Shaw not at school the remainder of the week.




Average for the week 62. E.R Watt Esq came to the school after seeing Mrs Shaw and enquired into the matters expressing himself very strongly about such acts as above mentioned. M. Brumfield present at 7.45 every morning this week. The following Summary of H.M. Inspector's Report has been received by the school managers.


‘The school shows improvement. Arithmetic in the upper standards, the instruction of the infants and the girls' needlework are all better than they were. Some manual occupations for all the younger children are necessary. Order as usual is particularly good. M.A Brumfield is recognised under Article 33 of the Code. She is not old enough for the administration as a Pupil Teacher.

                                                                          E.R.B Hall Watt (correspondent)




Examined the registers and found them correct.

                                                                                                      E.R.B Hall Watt




Average for the week 64. The Vicar, Mr and Mrs Hall Watt visited school on Tuesday and Mrs Hall Watt again on Thursday. Holiday on Wednesday on account of the Bp Burton farmers annual Ball held in the schoolroom on the evening of that day. The Schoolroom was quite prepared on the following morning. Conduct, work and tidiness of the children satisfactory. M.A Brumfield discontinued attending at 7.45am as she is only a probationer




Average for the week 66. The schoolroom was used by the Wesleyans of this village for a Lecture and Magic Lantern Exhibition. The painted walls damaged by the moving of the desks too close to them. There have been two Balls and three Magic Lanterns from 1st Jan to 19th Feb in the schoolroom. The moving of the furniture has damaged the newly painted doors and walls.




Average for the week 66. Holiday on Shrove Tuesday afternoon. The children attended the Ash Wednesday Church Service from 9-10am. Mrs Hall Watt arranged the Writing, Drawing and Needlework prizes in connection with the school children at the forthcoming Bp Burton Rose Show. Mrs Hall Watt kindly gave a picture of HRH The Princess of Wales to the school.




Average for the week 66. Received notice of Scripture Examination on the 8th inst. The Attendance Officer visited the school on Wednesday afternoon. Mrs Hall Watt at the school on Friday, kindly arranging needlework for the prize competition at the forthcoming Bp Burton Rose Show.




Average for the week 65. The Vicar requested three of Jackson's children to remain at home during their brother Edwin's illness, causing a falling off in the attendance this week. Mrs Hall Watt distributed schedules in connection with the Children's Prize Scheme for Needlework, Writing, Drawing and Mapping. The schoolroom was used by the Parish Councillors on Wednesday night.




Average for the week 65. The Scripture examination fixed for Monday 18th inst. Did not take place owing to Mr Barry's illness. Mrs Hall Watt at school on Tuesday afternoon. Jacksons' absent for the same reason as stated last week. Mrs Hall Watt kindly sent plants in ornamental pots for the widows of the schoolroom. 3 Cineraria.

Cineraria is now treated as a genus of about 50 species of flowering plants in the Asteraceae family.



Average for the week 62. One boy bird tenting and three more sick. On Wednesday afternoon the whole of the children witnessed some little mechanical toys exhibited in the schoolroom. Some one has been guilty of writing on a wall adjoining the school premises. A P.C. made enquiries of the school children but considered them clear.

PC = police constable



Average for the week 61. The children not in attendance are the same as last week and for the same causes, also Harriett Botterill with a ‘gathered toe'. Work in accordance with timetable. Conduct and tidiness satisfactory. Cornelius Hawes - an infant admitted. Robert Dunning 14 years of age - withdrawn.

‘gathered toe' no reference yet found.


Cornelius has a great-nephew still living in Bishop Burrton.


Robert Dunning probably left to work on Cold Harbour Farm where his family were the tenants. In 1899 he joined the navy but died in 1903 of an illness while returning from service in China.



Average for the week 64. Three Jacksons returned after the illness of Edwin, also Harriett Botterill. Girls took needlework on Monday and Wednesday mornings, as well as afternoons, in order to make quicker progress with their garments they are making for competition at the forth-coming Rose Show. No school on Good Friday.




Average for the week 63. No school on Easter Monday. Meetings were held in the schoolroom on Monday and Wednesday nights. Girls had needlework the whole afternoons for the same reason as last week. Conduct, tidiness and work satisfactory.




Average for the week 65. The girls have had needlework two mornings and the whole afternoons this week. Two Hornseys and K. Smith sick this week. Conduct, work and tidiness satisfactory.




Average for the week 59. The absent boys are setting potatoes and tending. The Band of Hope children had tea at the Baptist chapel on Thursday afternoon. Girls have had needlework three mornings this week as well as the whole afternoons. Tidiness, conduct and work satisfactory.

The Band of Hope, a temperance organisation for working-class children, was founded in Leeds in 1847 by Jabez Tunnicliffe and Ann Jane Carlile. All members took a pledge of total abstinence and were taught the "evils of drink". Members were enrolled from the age of six and met once a week to listen to lectures and participate in activities. Magic lantern slide shows were commonly presented to members. Band of Hope still exists today now named Hope UK and its focus is more on drugs than drink. At the end of Victoria's reign some 3 million children and adults were members.




Average for the week 62. Mrs Dunning complained of the loss of her child Elizabeth's neck tie. As several articles have been missing out of the school porch without complaints being made the Master spent a long time in ascertaining particulars. The tie was returned after many painful denials by the girl who took it. The conduct mark is lost, but lessons and tidiness satisfactory.




Average for the week 64. Admitted 3 infants - girls, one of them has attended the Minster Infant School, but her mother has taken her to live at Bp Burton and changed her name from Hutton to Akeister. She has been absent three times during this week. Conduct, work and tidiness of the children satisfactory.




Average for the week 64. J Shaw returned to school this week. He had only attended 12 times since Jany 1st on account of lameness (see entry week ending Feby 1st). Three boys are tending cattle in the lanes and one boy pheasant tending. Conduct, work and tidiness of the children satisfactory.




Registers were correctly entered.                                           W.A.Pearman Vicar




Average for the week 65. The Vicar at school on Monday and Mrs Hall Watt on Friday. The attendance Officer looked through the class registers on Saturday the 25th. Severn children were to receive notice to attend better. Conduct, work and tidiness of children satisfactory.




Whitsuntide Holidays




Average for the week 59. Several boys pulling ketlocks and tending. Only two boys absent on account of the Beverley Races Wednesday and Thursday. Mrs Hall Watt and 4 more ladies visited the school on Friday morning, bringing 3 more flower pots for the windows and examining the girls' needlework and writing and the boys' maps and freehand drawing.




Average for the week 60. On Wednesday morning 70 were present, on Friday afternoon only 33. On Monday and Tuesday the Wesleyans of this village had their service and Sunday School children's treat, on Thursday and Friday the Baptists had their Bazaar and Sunday School treat. No less than 5 girls sick on Thursday morning. Elizabeth Dunning withdrawn to attend a Ladies School, Beverley.




Average for the week 60. Turnip singling commenced this week causing a few absentees. The ‘Carnival' on Beverley Westwood caused several children to be absent - only 48 present on Thursday afternoon. A complaint has been made about children picking flowers off the graves in the churchyard. All school children ‘declare their innocence'.




Average for the week 60. ‘Turnip singling' and ‘tending' are the chief causes of the reduced attendance. Mrs Hall Watt at school on Thursday afternoon inviting the school children to the Hall the following day for the annual treat she kindly provides them. The Master begs to record on behalf of the children their best thanks for Mrs Hall Watt's goodness to them.




Average for the week 61. The schoolroom used for a political meeting on Wednesday night. The Wesleyans sale of work on Thursday afternoon caused a few children to be absent. Conduct, tidiness and work of scholars satisfactory.




Average for the week 65. The schoolroom was required for a Lumber Sale on Monday. The conduct of some children was bad on Thursday afternoon during a few minutes absence of the Master to show Mrs Winstanley (a former clergyman's wife) a grave belonging to her family in the churchyard. Robert Hall seemed to be the worst - knocking at the door, laughing, shouting and running about.

See Who's Who reference to Revd Calvin Beaumont Winstanley. We don't know who's grave she had come to visit. There are no Winstanleys in the graveyard now.



Examined the Register and found it correct.

                                                                                                      Ernest H. Watt




Average for the week 54. Several cases of sickness during the week but not serious ones also on account of the Wesleyan Sunday School trip to Bridlington on Thursday and the following days rest for the little trippers. Three groups of scholars were photographed on Tuesday by Mr Abba of Hull. Conduct better than last week. Tidiness and work satisfactory.

The photographer was David Abba of Craven St, Hull or possibly his son Harry.



Average for the week 63. Mrs Hall Watt and Ladies in school on Monday afternoon. Bp Burton Rose Show on Tuesday. The children's section included Needlework, Writing, Drawing, Mapping and Bouquet Making. Work, conduct and tidiness of scholars satisfactory.




Average for the week 59. Mr and Mrs Hall Watt and Mr Ruddiforth at school on Wednesday morning. Mrs Hall Watt on Friday morning. The attendance has been irregular this week. Conduct, tidiness and work of scholars satisfactory.




Average for the week 60. The Church Sunday School children of the 1st and 2nd classes had their outing to Bridlington with their teachers on Wednesday. Mrs Hall Watt kindly paid all expenses. Sarah J Hall absent on Tuesday to mind the house until her parents went to Bridlington, absent on Thursday to go to Whitby with her father, absent on Friday to help her mother. William Hall the eldest has only passed Stan II and not at school for the last month, also very irregular from February.




Average for the week 56. Harvest commenced on Monday in this village and was general on Tuesday. A few children were absent as consequence and some are playing about who ought to be in school. Left on Friday afternoon for Harvest Holidays from Aug 25th to Sept 23rd. 4 Weeks.




Re - opened with an attendance of 46. Average for the week 44. Although Harvest work is over there must be work for school children as 29 are still absent. Mrs Hall Watt at school on Monday afternoon. Mary Brumfield allowed a weeks extension of holiday being with friends at Newcastle. Mrs Swann in school both morning and afternoons the whole week.




Average for the week 62. Admitted Silias (??) Patterson an infant of 5 years. Re - admitted James Patterson who has been absent from Jany 1st. The first day of his return he was sick and not at school the remainder of the week. Standards I,II and III commenced their ‘Occupation' on Tuesday. They have had 2 hours instruction by Mrs Swann in it this week. I, II also had their Object lesson on Thursday ‘The Horse' the object.




Average for the week 65. Admitted Ada Dawson a girl of 9 years who has been to St Mary's School Hull. The Occupation lesson continued. Mrs Swann visited the Infant School at Driffield on Thursday to see the various Occupations taught. Conduct, work and tidiness of scholars satisfactory.




Examined the Registers and found them correct.

                                                                                                     E.R.B Hall Watt




Average for the week 64. Mrs Hall Watt inspected the Needlework also the boys' work with E.R Hall Watt Esq. The attendance of Lily Hutton (Eliza Akeister) so bad that the Master sent her back home on Wednesday. Part of the child's time is at Beverley and part at Bp Burton - her home being in Beverley. Two Occupation lessons given this week. Conduct, work and tidiness (with two exceptions) satisfactory. J Shaw and W Newlove sent home to be washed and combed.




Average for the week 69. Mr and Mrs Hall Watt at school on Monday afternoon. Mrs Hall Watt kindly presented 7 girls with one shilling each for the most satisfactory needlework. (7 pieces of needlework belonging to her). Varied Occupation and Infants' Kindergarten Drawing on Tuesday and Thursday. Conduct, work and tidiness of scholars satisfactory.




Average for the week 66. The schoolroom allowed for Dissolving View Entertainment on Tuesday evening. Mrs Hall Watt at school on Thursday afternoon bringing sweets for the girls. Received notice of Drawing Examination. Commenced fires in schoolroom and classroom. Holiday on Friday for Saints Day. Conduct, work and tidiness of scholars satisfactory.

The Dissolving View was a lantern slide show where one image was gradually superimposed on another.



Average for the week 61. Thursday was the Beverley Hirings and E.R Hall Watt Esq required all the elder boys for ‘bush beating' on that day. Consequently the daily attendance diminished. Several visitors at the school on three occasions during this week. Conduct fair (4 untruthful children), work and tidiness satisfactory.




Average for the week 63. Varied Occupation lessons on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 11 to 12. Cautioned the boys against destroying the creepers growing in the front of the school. Several boys took the liberty of pulling off leaves breaking the shoots in so doing. Work and tidiness satisfactory.




Average for the week 56. Most of the elder boys absent from Tuesday to the end of the week ‘driving game' and ‘bush beating' for shooting parties. E.R Hall Watt Esq and Mrs Hall Watt at school on Tuesday. A book case for library books placed in the school since last log book entry. Occupation lessons on Tuesday and Thursday. Object lessons Wednesday and Friday.




Average for the week 58. Mrs Hall Watt and Miss Cayley at school on Tuesday during the Occupation lesson. Occupation lesson also on Thursday. The attendance after Monday was satisfactory for Martinmas week. Drawing Exam on Friday. The Rev W.A. Pearman present. George Thompson and Fred Wilson were absent from the Drawing examination but were not excused. The managers' attention to be drawn to this.




Average for the week 66. Occupation lessons on Tuesday and Thursday morning. Received notice of the Annual Inspection Jany 13th 1896. Mrs Hall Watt required the names and ages of all scholars attending both day and Sunday school for the purpose of making her annual Christmas Tree presents. Mrs Hall Watt visited the school on Friday afternoon



Dec 20th

Checked the Registers with the attendance and found them correct.

                                                                                                        W.A Pearman




Average for the week 65. Mr Craggy the Attendance Officer visited the school on Wednesday. The Vicar visited the school on Friday. The Drawing Report ‘Good' received by the managers this week. Carols and Christmas Hymns have bee used for the singing lessons on Tuesday and Thursday.




A good attendance on Monday. Preparing the Christmas Tree kindly given by Mrs Hall Watt in the schoolroom on Tuesday. On Christmas Day children and parents to the number of 203, were present to receive and witness the various items of pleasure prepared for the schoolchildrens' happiness. The attendance was not so good on Friday. The Master begs to record his gratitude to Mrs Hall Watt on behalf of the scholars for her kindly interest in them.






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