Beverley Rural Update for November 2016

Priority and Actions

Issue: - Poaching and Rural Crime – (long term priority)

We will continue to look at poaching offences, such as hare coursing, now farmers have harvested their crops. We will also be looking at other rural crime types such as metal theft, fly tipping etc.

Priority and Actions

Issue- Shed and Garage burglary in villages

We have seen a rise in shed and garage burglaries in the past month. Please check your security arrangements, consider improvements to any weaknesses you find. Make sure sheds and garages are locked, and items are put away. Remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity to the police on the non -emergency number: 101.

This is a general message and warning, that although we live in a very safe and low crime area, we are subject to offences such as burglaries or theft from vehicles.  Please note that 50% of all burglaries reported in the East Riding are through insecure doors or windows, likewise over 50 % of cars broken into are insecure or have items of value on show.  The crime prevention message is clear - lock it or lose it!   Sometimes we get complacent about security, but thieves are opportunists, and will travel into the East Riding, often from Hull looking for easy pickings. 

Cycle thefts remain an issue in the East Riding and Hull itself. This is partly due to the increase in popularity of cycling as a sport/past time, partly due to cycles being left insecure and partly due to the high value of some cycles making them a lucrative target.

Cycles are being stolen from Sheds and garages in the area, it is important to put in place good security to protect your property and possessions. It appears that houses have been identified as having high value bikes, due to vehicles at the address having bike racks, and roof bars. This indicates to thieves that owners regularly use their bikes as a hobby, and tend to invest in a good standard and spec of bike.

Crime news in our area


2 theft of motorbikes- one was recovered on the next street. A male has been arrested in connection to one of the incidents, and investigations are ongoing.

-       Theft of number plates

-       1 shed broken into,

-       An attempt shed burglary- persons disturbed- cctv inquires ongoing.

-       Attempt break in at Cost-cutters


-       Theft of inflatable boat from the Tickton Boating club, also a boat was broken into, and items stolen.


-       Theft from a motor vehicle


-       Criminal damage to a car window, Suspect identified, investigation ongoing

-       Ornament stolen from a garden

Cherry Burton

-       Damage to a vehicle

North Newbald

-       Burglary dwelling


-       Criminal damage

Bishop Burton

-       Criminal damage

-       Assault at the college

-       Male found in possession of cannabls

For specific information, please use the website – It takes a considerable period of time for us to update all crime recorded on previous newsletters, so we will concentrate on what we think you need to know.

LATEST SCAM!! - Don’t be caught out!

A fraudster rings you at home claiming to be from your bank or even that they are the police which seems to be the latest ploy, telling you that they think your bank card has been used fraudulently. They suggest you ring your bank to ensure the call is genuine, they manage to stay on the line, so when you use your phone, they answer.   They ask you for your account details and you’re PIN. They then confirm your card has been used and ask you to package it up and they send a courier to collect it. The courier is often innocent and is just picking up an item and delivering it elsewhere. They then have your card and you’re PIN!!

Remember, your bank and the police will NEVER ask for your PIN number or ask for your card.


You are invited to attend any of the below meetings:

Police Surgery.   (This is an opportunity for you to meet privately with a member of the neighbourhood team to discuss any policing issue of concern. This is a drop-in event so you may have to wait a few minutes.)

Police and Communities Together Meeting. (This is a public meeting where the police and other public authority representatives will be present. Its main purpose is to determine what the local priorities for action over the next three months will be. It gives members of the public an opportunity to raise their concerns and influence those decisions.)

Street Briefing. (This means that the whole neighbourhood team will be briefed on current problems in the area and tasked to deal with them. The public can meet with the officers and be informed about how they can help with these issues.)

Other Meeting/Event (This will be a place and location that Neighbourhood Team Officers will be present at and you can come and talk should you wish)

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